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Saturday, October 30, 2021

31 Days of Halloween - Harry Potter Shadowbox


Time to show off a new shadowbox. I inherited tiny Harry Potter figures from my mom. They were ornaments for a small tree, I think. The shadow box is one I've had for about a year. When I bought it, I thought inspiration would come to me immediately, but when I got it home, nothing came to me. So I packed it away with my other lonely, unused boxes. Waiting patiently for me to reach in my hand and pull one out.

Today was that day for this box, and I went full Hogwarts on it. I started with the first shelf, which lent itself to a cozy library for Hermione. Before COVID, I had been facilitating craft workshops featuring shadow boxes. For these, I crafted tiny little books out of corrugated cardboard and patterned paper. I had some left over and used them today. Hermione looks very comfortable up there.

Next up (down, actually) I gave Ron Weasley a room from his nightmares. You can't see it well, but it's filled with spiders and spider webs, and Ron is none to  keen on spiders. I'm sure he would like to know how to apparate from his place in the shadow box to just about anywhere...
Harry is next, holding his broom outside. His passion for flying helped him gain a place on Gryffindor's Quidditch team. His keen eye and flying talent helped him catch the Snitch and win the game  many a time.
My last two figures are on the bottom shelf. Headmaster Albus Dumbledore  and Potions teacher Severus Snape. It's fitting they're on the bottom, as they form the foundation of Hogwarts as well as the book and movie series. 
Throughout the shadow box, I scrambled to find tiny supplies to make each scene appropriate to each character.  There are buttons, stickers, jewelry parts, floral moss, stickers, wooden diecuts and corks,  all transformed into scrying bowls, brooms, books and other wizarding items.
And my Halloween shadow box is finished. I think it turned out awesome. I've made several Halloween shadow boxes, and even sold a couple. This one, as much as I like it, is going to a young girl who is just getting into the Harry Potter series. I think she's going to really like it...

Ready for another gruesome giggle? Enjoy!