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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Wired Up in Jewelry

Since discovering my treasure box of sea shells, I thought I'd try my hand at some wired jewelry. The first few were pretty rough, but as I practiced I think I got better. They are no magnificent works of art, but I sold a couple, and gave a few to friends and family, letting them choose which ones they wanted. I still have a few left, and plenty (too much) wire and supplies left over. I added2 small charms to the first one shown.

With the next one, I added small  pearls to my wire as I wrapped the shell. Those pearls were so slippery, I felt like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Sister Act as she tried to string beads to make a rosary.

I found a few of these skinny shells that I wrapped, adding a small bead to its end. Because of its shape, it was much easier to wrap.

This last one sold before I could say Boo. I sold my necklaces for $10 each. I made others using sea glass and polished stones and crystals. It was relaxing to wire them, and I was happy to have tried something new...

During the pandemic and on (and on and on) have you tried something new? Started a new hobby? What did you do with whatever extra time you hade? I'd love to see where inspiration took you!


Sunday, February 13, 2022

Making Spring Wall Decor


As I clean out and organize my craft supplies, I am discovering not only items to upcycle and alter, but inspiration as well. Today, I sanded and painted a metal starburst ornament. After painting on a layer of gesso, I decided it would look great with a rainbow design. The center was empty when I bought it at a thrift store ($3), and thought a positive affirmation would look  great.

I cut out three circles from foam board (Dollar Store $1). The one above is covered in patterned paper from my scrapbooking pile. I found large letter stickers in my stash, painting and "glitterizing" each. I adhered twine to the edge of my center, but after I added it to the starburst, it still needed something to frame it, so I grabbed (hopefully) the last of my clear glass bubbles, also from Dollar store. I finished off my wall ornament by adding a couple butterflies and a flower.

Remember that I cut out three circles for the center? I chose the words PEACE and PRIDE so that I could change out my artwork when I felt like it. They kind of look like patches, but these circles are about 6.5" each.

Have you caught the thrift store bug? Besides items to alter, I buy clothes, cookware, and loads of other things (take a look at my basement and you'll see how MUCH I love to thrift). What do you look for or find that makes its way home with you?

Friday, February 11, 2022

Sally Sells Seashells by the Sea Shore

Hello, crafters, my Muse has finally returned from vacation, and I have helped it along by organizing my craft supplies. I found some fantastic sea shells and other seaside materials, and created two new shadow boxes.  The shadow box above got its lowly start as a wooden container holding Doug & Melissa construction trucks. My girlfriend's grandson loves all kinds of vehicles, and she knows I like to give new life to boxes, especially wooden ones.

I painted the inside of each section of my box before attaching each item into the cubbies. I then covered the outside of the box with handmade paper using spray adhesive. For the final touch, I used some shell necklaces from my mom's travels to Hawaii around the front of the frame.

My second project uses a basic square box divided into four sections. After painting the box, I attached an item  in each section. I adorned the box simply with "fish netting" that used to be a shawl of mine (ah, the sacrifices we make for our art). A tiny sea  shell adorn the center of my artwork.

I have more sea shells, sea glass, coral and other sea items that you may see in the weeks ahead. I've also tried my hand at some wire-wrapped jewelry using sea shells and glass. That will be my next post, I think. I'm just happy to be back on Blogger and creating art!! 

Happy crafting, y'all!

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Art of Recovery - for The Path of Positivity Family Challenge


I was asked by 901 Studio, in partnership  with Hines VA Hospital Veterans' Creative Art Therapy Department, to create a canvas about Recovery. I was inspired at first to create a mixed media canvas about my ongoing recovery as a caregiver and surviving spouse of a 100% disabled veteran who passed away from ALS, but before I started on the project, my mother passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

Reeling from this unexpected, piercing grief, as well as the arduous path of recovery from the loss of my husband, I came up with this canvas.  I painted the background of my canvas with acrylic paints before adhering my Copic-colored image. I used an image from Ike's Art called Never. 

My idea was to liken grief and recovery to letting your hair grow out. You have to really zoom in to read the words on her hair. Starting from the bottom, the darkest hair, are what I felt when grief set in. Over time, or as the hair grows out, the color is lighter and there is a feeling of hope allow with the pain. The newest hair growing in describes my ongoing recovery, with a more positive description of feelings.

The text I added described the inspiration behind my canvas. All I did to finish the canvas was add a small symbol of hope, life, new beginnings - a butterfly.

I've entered my canvas as a DT project in the Path of Positivity Challenge Blog. It is a celebration of family members who have recently went ahead of me. Be sure to check out the Challenge Blog and enter your art!! Scribbles Designs will provide a random prize.