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Friday, March 31, 2023

Back to Painting Scenery

While cleaning out my mom's house in order to get it ready to sell, I found several metal canisters, or  popcorn tins. I didn't save the canisters, but I saw possibilities in the covers. After sanding the surface, I painted with a winter scene with my acrylic paints on this one. 

The cover makes for light-weight wall decor. The only problem is that I usually put those sticky velcro tabs on the backs of my canvases to hang. Somebody's gonna have to use a hammer and nail for this one...

Ever since COVID, my morning mantra has been, if it doesn't move, I'm going to paint it. Good way to start the day, huh?!

Stay creative!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Journaling is Necessary Therapy for Emotional Well-being


I follow the path of positivity, not only the craft challenge blog, but the whole idea that positive living, thinking and sharing enriches one's life. I keep numerous journals - a book of lists, of books I loved, of gratitude, of artwork,  and of grief and recovery. These journals have kept me sane and balanced.

Today I needed to make another entry, but I was too upset to use words. I cut out pieces of some of my Zen doodling and meditated on each one as I placed them on this page. I was mindful of the stark contrast of black ink on white paper. I used "happy" colors of Washi tape to secure them.

By the time I was finished, I felt calm and on the way to accepting the end of a relationship with people I loved and still love, people whose deceit and lies and stinging barbs caused me pain and heartache. I say "on the way", because grief has no real end. It burns at first, and gradually tapers off. But it still smolders, lighting up at times, throughout your life.

Grief is a very personal battle. It takes as long as it takes. Period. We must remember, however, that life is meant to be lived, and one can still enjoy moments in between the grief, until the grief becomes just the moments while you're living. Journaling, counseling, and choosing the path you lead go a long way toward recovery, happiness and health. 

I choose to live mindfully and on the path of positivity; crafting, art and journaling are key to my success. I hope you remain positive while you're walking your own path...

Monday, March 27, 2023

Turtle-y Awesome

  Since recovering from bronchitis and then getting Norovirus (which I am still recovering from), I haven't had much energy nor inspiration to craft anything. Since drawing and doodling is within reach and requires only pen and paper, I'm running out of blank pages in my art journal. 

Today I not only doodled a sea turtle, but decided to put some color on the page with pencils. My son had a box turtle when he was younger. He named it Michaelangelo (he was a big-time Ninja Turtles fan). We also had fish, mostly guppies and a swordtail fish or two. 

It wasn't until he was grown and my daughter out of high school that we decided to rescue a dog. I had some parameters because I was allergic to most dogs. I was told that some terriers and bischon frise were as hypoallergenic as dogs get. I also stated that we had never trained a puppy before, and our house wasn't big enough for a large dog. We got lucky that a Silkie Terrier was available to adopt, and it didn't take us long to fall in love with him.

Even when we found out he had Lyme Disease and needed to be treated and eat only prescription food, he had already become a part of our family. Wilson was with us only five years, lasting not much longer than my hubby. To help in the grieving process, my daughter and I would make up stories of what Wilson and my husband were doing up in heaven. They were funny and played up their interests and antics.

I decided to write a story about their time "beyond the rainbow bridge" and published it here on my blog. Click HERE for Part 1. Part 2 was published the next day. Click on the links if you want to discover what shenanigans they are up to. It really helped us on days when we missed them so much we were drowning in misery.

Now we have another terrier mix. Her name is Honey, short for Honeycomb, and life is good. She is our emotional support dog. Both Wendy and I suffer from anxiety and she comforts us. We are positive that Wilson sent her to us!

Challenges I am Entering:

Use Your Stuff - Animals (coupled with Double D challenges)
Inspiration Station - Photo (inspired not only by color but imagining a turtle family living in the water)
Kraftin' Kimmie's Stamps - Spring, Circles or Yellow/Green
Beyond the Blue - It's Not Easy Being Green

Monday, March 20, 2023

Path of Positivity New Challenge Card


I am all about spreading positivity in the world. Right now, a very close friend needs support with things going on in her life. I'm sending her love with this card, which is designed using the Path of Positivity challenge blog's Mood Board.

I had the perfect papers and "accessories" for this card, but it looked very dull. So for a little color, I added lilac cardstock and was happy. The sentiment is from Scribbles Designs. After framing it, I added the bow. Still so plain! So I rummaged thru my lace leftovers and adhesive bling and found things to complement the card design. I like it and I hope my friend will feel the love.

Don 't forget to enter the Path of Positivity challenge this month. It's always Anything Goes, but it's nice when crafters get inspiration from their offerings. Hope to see you there!
Challenges I am Entering:
Atlantic Hearts Sketch - 
Make My Monday - Spring Colors

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

My Muse

My journal page today features my magic ribbon. I drew it from top to bottom with a black ink gel pen, then filled in the "pockets" with doodles. I used Copics to color the page, then I started adding sequins, adhesive pearls and gems and a patch I found at the bottom of one of my craft drawers. I added coordinating colors of Stickles to bring out my ribbon. And I finished off my page with a Washi tape border.

I call it my magic ribbon because after I drew its lines, I was inspired to "go all out" with my page. Usually I use ink, marker and magazine cuttings and that's it. But I look at my finished page and it makes me so happy. I wanted to share it with you today... 

I am glad I finally got out of my slump. I've been sick for the past 2 weeks, and my healthy eating and cardio workouts have suffered. evidently, so has my confidence and my inspiration. As I get over my bronchitis and sinus infection, I feel creativity returning. Thank goodness!!

Challenges I am Entering:

Outlawz Twisted Thursday - Anything Goes w/Twist (I bought the patch years ago from Hobby Lobby, my Copics are several years old, the sequins came from my mom's house where she kept ALL her old Girl Scout craft supplies, and I haven't bought ne washi tape in eons)
We Love 2 Create - Anything Mixed Media Goes
Beautiful Blossoms - Anything w/flowers Goes

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Finding Zen in Butterflies and Blossoms


I am halfway into my new art journal and really liking what mu Muse has inspired me to draw. I tried my hand at a couple mandalas. I learned that I need to be very precise with my circles and layers. I drew the above freehand, so you will see plenty of imperfections, but I'm still practicing the art of Zen doodling.

Anyway, I discovered a new challenge blog called Birds, Butterflies & Blooms. I'm so happy that my doodling fits into their challenge this month! And I'm trying out the Outlawz challenges after a long time away.

Birds, Butterflies & Blooms - Anything Goes w/butterflies, birds & blooms
the Outlawz Paper a la Mode - AG/with Paper; March theme is Music Makes the World Go 'Round
Beautiful Blossoms - AG/with Flowers, Floral as focus

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

My Zen is Back!

 Feeling a little under the weather today. Sinus headache and scratchy throat. Hoping it's allergies. Meanwhile, I doodled a page in my art journal. It pretty much shows my mood. At first I just used colored markers and drew leaves, but I decided to outline them in black. Once I inked in the words, I added a few words, I reached into my craft bag of tricks (leftovers) and pulled out a few faux leaves and glued them onto my page. 

And that's all I'm feeling today. Hope to get my crafting mojo back before the end of the week. I'm working on another Halloween decor item, this time kid-friendly. Hope to show it off soon! 

Happy crafting!!

Challenges I am Entering - 

Creative Artiste - Anything Mixed Media Goes

Art Journal Journey - Anything Journal page Goes (ink, Copics, sequins, Halloween decor)

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Only 240 Days until Halloween

 Today I started working on my Halloween Decor for a Fall Craft Fair. I mean, it's not too early - there are only 240 days until the Big Night. I found myself in Michaels last week and my store still had Christmas items on clearance! Everything was 90% off, and when I found these Christmas calendars, I grabbed all they had - which was only three, but it's a start. And they were only $2 each! Here's what they looked like before I waved my magic wand over them:

I know, they're very cute...for Christmas, but my mind is channeling Halloween, so the first thing I did after removing the plastic packaging was to paint the whole thing black.
Two hours later, I placed my first Halloween decor of 2023 on my bookcase. I can't wait for my daughter to see it. Originally there was a small wooden Christmas tree on a peg and attached by string. The idea was to place the tree in the holes on top of each layer to count down the days before Christmas.
I ran into a problem with the calendar part because there are only 24 days counting down to Christmas, but a 30-day countdown for Halloween! I tried to drill more holes to keep it as a calendar, but the wood started to crack. So now it's just a fun decoration to put up in October.
After painting each of the three layers black, I transformed the houses you saw in the first photo into headstones. Of course, I had to put punny phrases on them.  Going with the graveyard theme, I added skeleton parts, leaves, pumpkins, etc., on top of the head stones. The second layer bore the pumpkins, more leaves, s juicy spider and a light post I had bought after last year's Halloween. I found Halloween Cat stickers and created a (sort of) 3D effect for it. More leaves and pumpkins finished that middle layer.
The top layer was so slanted I decided to add some bats to the front, and a few Halloween miniatures. I finished it off with some spider webbing. It looks great in person. I want to do the next holiday-themed flip for children, not too scary, more fun.
Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking with it. I have 2 Halloween shadow boxes and a wreath leftover from last year to add to my craft fair inventory. Tell me what you think (please)!

Challenges I am Entering:
The Fairy and the Unicorn - Anything mythical/fantasy Goes
Creative Artiste - Anything Mixed Media Goes
Two Old Bats Halloween - Anything Halloween Goes

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Sheep Thrills can be had while Crafting


My Muse continues to inspire me in both card making and doodling. Today I have a card that features a Scribbles Designs freebie. It's called #F185  Woolley Wink. Even though I spent 8 years (and had my son) in southern Missouri, I am definitely a city girl. I didn't know the difference between a lamb and a sheep. Do you? The answer is at the end of my post.

Meanwhile, I doodled the image I chose instead of coloring it with my Copic markers. That's a switch for me. Usually I doodle around images. I had a lot of fun doodling Woolley. The Scribbles Design store has some wonderful Zen design images for sale. My favorite is actually listed in the Cats category. It's called #A87 Peek-a-Boo - check it out HERE.

Back to my card. I printed out the digital image, fussy-cut it and doodled all her lovely curls. I tried several different backgrounds, but found my favorite from a page in a decor magazine. I found two pages of small rugs in a color scheme I liked. After playing with their placement, I decided to make a color block background, highlighting the edges with black ink. 

I used cardstock letters to spell out my take on the word Unique, and gave it a tiny bit of bling with a few leftover strips of adhesive-backed pearls. I even dotted the "I" in ewe-nique with a pearl. I finished my card off with a thin strip of gold washi tape around the edges, and I now have a card for my cousin. Hmm, now that I look at it, I think I'll re-place the word "ewe" as it looks too crowded to the rest of the letters...

Don't forget to check out the challenge at Scribbles Designs Challenge blog. And for those of you still reading my post, a Lamb is a young sheep, while older sheep are just plain Sheep. (Of course, a female sheep is a Ewe...)