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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Santa's Little Helper

 I haven't had much time to post all the crafted gifts I made. I'm in between computers at the moment and trying to back everything up. Today I wanted to post this digital scrapbook page of our newest rescue, Honeycomb.  She is our forever Christmas gift, and keeps giving love and emotional support to my daughter and me.

The designer paper is from Decosse's Dynamite Doodles and the gift is from Pixel Scrappers.  Honey is from the Buddy Foundation.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Sometimes It's the Way You Present the Gift that Counts #3


This is my next book box. After painting the box, I adhered designer paper to the front and back. I added dimension by attaching a bottle brush tree to the pick-up truck, a couple 3-D snowflakes, some snowflake stickers, and lace at the top. For texture, I added white flocking for a snowy road. I left the spine painted, but added strips of silver lace and a Christmas greeting.

I'm giving this one to my letter carrier. She's a sweetheart. All my neighbors love her. She gets gifts during the holidays, so I'm gifting her with some handmade thank you cards. I call them love notes, because they're ATC-sized.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Sometimes It's Not the Present but the way it's Presented #2


Today I created this book box to fill for my next door neighbor, Dennise. She works at the Buddy Foundation, a rescue place for cats and dogs. I say work, but the place runs entirely on volunteers. She helped us get Honeycomb after we lost Wilson,  our first dog. She is also our dog sitter when we go on vacation. I couldn't ask for a nicer neighbor.

Her husband has helped me several times since my husband passed away, loaning me tools and/or showing how to use them.

This book uses a vintage Christmas tree image from the Graphics Fairy on its cover. I decorated the tree with jewels, buttons, sequins, a turtle dove and a star. The edges are decorated with lace and some homemade faux snow.

  Eighteen more days until Christmas, crafters!

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sometimes It's Not the Gift but the Way It's Presented


For those of you who celebrate, Happy St. Nicholas Day. I decided to start featuring my Christmas makes today. I have been MIA for quite awhile, and can't promise how long I can stay, but Here I am! 

During the summer I spent several weekends at my trailer located near a few state parks. It was very relaxing. During one weekend, there was a "garage" sale and I scored 13 book boxes. These fake books open to a "secret" compartment in which you can put anything you want. I am making several Christmas boxes with which to gift my neighbors. I live in an awesome community where we all take care of each other.

This Joyeux Noel book box is the first of seven boxes I'm making. I used designer papers, wired ribbon, after-Christmas, clearanced holiday decor, pearls, modge podge, tissue paper and paint to texturize and decorate my box inside and out, front and back. 

I'm only going to show the back and inside of the first book box so you get the main idea of what I'm doing. Same with the little gifts I'm putting inside. Some are the same, some will be different; some are homemade, some store-bought. These are just gifts for people whom I appreciate are in my life and wanted to show them that.

See you tomorrow, crafters!