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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Coaxing my Inner Zen to Inspire Me

 I have lately been doing some Zen doodle meditating in the evenings. It's very relaxing, and better than watching TV. Here is my newest doodle, using a black gel pen. My journal is filling up with these pages. I tried to match the book  titles to the doodles I drew. Which book title do you like the most?

I also discovered I can (kind of) create doodles into landscape scenes, like these two. Do you like one more than the other? 

I recently started using a white gel pen in my black-paper filled journal. I have crappy white gel pens, bought them online and the ink often skips. Anyone have a remedy for this, or should I have returned them?

Whatever you do, whatever you craft, do it mindfully...

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Into the Woods We Go...


I bought a trailer/lot in Woodsmoke Ranch, an RV park near Morris, IL in 2018. I got to use it that year and before the 2019 season could  open, COVID crashed down on all our dreams and travels. Now that it's a lot safer, this year's season opened on Memorial Day weekend, and I've been very busy putting my creative mark on my woodland getaway.

I bought a couple plant stands and bamboo potted plants at Goodwill. I also painted the two plastic tables I inherited from a neighbor camper. I picked up three Adirondack chairs from the end of someone's driveway that was soon to be picked up as trash (see them stacked in the background?)

I have also started sealing and painting the back deck, choosing a faded jeans color. It's tedious work, especially as the posts that are cut and shaped. I also inherited two wood benches and a wooden round table. So far I've painted the table and one bench (below). I used a wallpaper container, painted it and filled it with dollar store flowers.

Want to see something unusual? It isn't my work, though. When I opened the trailer this year, it was right after a severe storm and tornado warning. Watch the video below. Have you ever seen a tree swinging in the wind..FROM THE TOP?!!

There's still a lot of maintenance to do. Several of my water colors and paintings are hanging on the walls. I replaced the queen bed with a futon (free from Craig's List).  But there's so much more to do. Hopefully, I'll have the summer to fix it up and I'll keep you updated with photos as I progress...

Keep crafting, peeps!

Friday, July 1, 2022

Independence Day (and my daughter's birthday)

 Yes, while the community gathered together to watch the fireworks and oohed and ahhed, I was pacing the hospital hallways, looking out the window at the awesome flashes of color and going :OOOOH  and AAAAH!!"  LOL That's the way I tell about when my daughter Wendy was born...

So for her special day, I first created a plaque with her name. I created it from a Dollar Store speech bubble, covering it first with designer birthday paper. I hot-glued the flowers and greenery around the edges and added her name with leftover stickers. I'll stick it on the wall above where she sits in the living room when it's her day.

I was trying to come up with something handmade to give her, and remembered that she's always wanted one of those "fine art" posters featuring our dogs, Wilson (gone but not forgotten) and Honeycomb.

I dabble in Photoshop, and was able to pull up a free photo of "American Gothic" and popped their photos into it. When I say popped it sounds so easy, but I spent time and sweat equity into the project, taking almost an hour to get everything right. I'm still working with Photoshop Elements 12, which is as antique as the Blackberry cell phone...

Besides my handmades, I got her some treats and some gift cards. She has off of work the day before through the day after her birthday, so we plan on going out for sushi, going to a movie and maybe a one-day road trip.

That's it for today. Have fun, crafters!!

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Camp Journals for the Summer

 Instead of canvas, I decided to paint a few hardcover journals. They measure about 9"x13". After covering the fronts with Gesso, I practiced painting mountains again. YouTube is a wonderful place to not only get inspired, but to learn new techniques. Serena Art is one of the YouTubers I often go to learn how to apply paint with both brush and palette knife. 

I chose scenes with a lake in them for the other two journals. I have to work on my water highlights, but I did a pretty decent job. The two journals that used the color purple sold at the craft fair, and I gifted the other mountain scen journal to my BF. That leaves one for me...

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Serene Scenes in Acrylics

 Back from a weekend up in the woods, and a successful craft fair. I created several acrylic paintings on canvas, wood, metal and even hard-bound journals. Today I've featured one of my wood paintings. I really like how it turned out, and decided that I wouldn't try to sell it at the craft fair. It's hanging in my living room as I type. 

I painted on a leftover piece of plywood about 10"x12", not too heavy, so it can hang on the wall without anchors. I love a good moon scene, so I started with a dark background, adding mountains, a lake, and a few trees. Of course, my moon is up in the sky, and its light brings out the highlights on the mountains, water and trees. Funny thing - the clouds were "happy little accidents" that I created from a few errant drops of white paint. I put the Velcro strips on the backs of canvases that have a smooth back for easy hanging.

Below is a painting I created with "the whole shebang". That means I painted mountains, a lake and a tree! LOL 

I am improving on my scenic canvases, and will soon start on desert sunsets. I took a gazillion photos while in Arizona visiting my sister-in-law and her wife. We visited Sedona, Tortilla Flats , Scottsdale and Flagstaff. We were supposed to go to the Grand Canyon, but had to cancel as one of my hosts became sick. We found out after we came home that they both tested positive for Omicron. Both my daughter and I tested, and while she was positive, I never got it, which is a miracle in itself given that I spent all week with her and our hosts...

That's all for now.  Catch you later...

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

I'm Gonna Be a Great Grandma!


When my son married, it came with four stepchildren. The oldest was 10 years younger than my son. That grandchild, Antonio, and his wife are having a baby! Of course, I made a card for the Shower. I tried something new that's popping up on Pinterest, a 3D card that folds out, down, up and back.

They're having a girl, so I incorporated some pink into my pastel-colored card. See that tiny white BEAR at the top of the card? I inserted a message to the happy couple that can be pulled out. Their daughter is expected to make any appearance around the end of May. I'm so excited!!

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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Summer is Just Ahead

 With the weather trying to be warmer in the States, my trailer in the woods is calling me to open up and get ready for Summer. The official opening of the Park is Memorial Day, and I've been working on sellable art for the craft fair they sponsor.

Last year, residents liked my signs, both funny and inspirational. I created this one using a digital image from Scribbles Designs called Campfire. My sign is a piece of wood, about 6"x15". I used acrylic paint to color the background, hand-drew the stick loaded with marshmallows, and the S'More is a photo out of Food Network magazine!

I just need to seal my sign and after it dries, add it to my pile of artwork I'm bringing to the sale. So what do you think I should try to sell it for?? 

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