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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Eve Hostess Gift

We go to my sister's house every Christmas Eve for a small intimate dinner, just my family, her and my mom, sometimes my gram, too. Not a lot of people, not a lot of food, just family and comfort.
Each year I bring her a small hostess gift, and each year she tells me not to do so because she never brings me a hostess gift when she comes over for Christmas Day dinner. But she has been wanting a handmade kleenex house to display in her house for years now, and I've finally put mine together!
I bought the kit from my lss, and used papers from Daisy d's "Snowflakes and Holly" collection. I colored the sides of the windows and door with my Copics, and used white flower soft for the bit of snow on the roof. Some bling to decorate the cardstock diecut tree in front and create a doorknob and it's finished, and what a nice surprise for my sister!
So this Christmas I made gift tags, Christmas cards, 22 birthday cards to put in a pretty package for my Gram, and one mini album for a friend. I also regifted a couple items, decorating the packaging before handing them out. I love short work weeks!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


At last, my son is on holiday leave, home from Basic Training. His girlfriend and daughter picked him up from the airport and came stright to the house. Wow, I sent my son to the Army and got back a soldier. He's trim, courteous, picks up after himself, and is STARVED. First thing, I made him one of his faves, homemade pizza. He'd been up since the day before so he took a little nap. It was so cute to watch his daughter clinging to him, dancing around in glee, stopping every other minute to give him a kiss. It was all I could do not to do the same thing!!! LOL
So I know our Chirstmas will be the merriest, with him at home and the family gathering together at my house in a week. Oh Happy Day!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Season of joy

Just one more day, and my son will be home for the holidays. He's in the middle of Basic Training and M.P. School for Army Reserves, and the whole family is excited to see him again. We won't get to see him after the holidays until his graduation in April. So I'm sticking the fridge with his fave foods, getting his area cleaned up, and his girlfriend and daughter are meeting him at the airport and bring him home.
Meanwhile, I'm finally getting organized for the holidays. Presents are bought and made, some even wrapped. Cards have been out for a few weeks already, and thank you cards from people who gifted me at work are postal. Turkey's in the freezer, ham's been ordered, trees are up, lights on, house decorated and music downloaded. Classes are over for the semester, meetings and parties finished, and there's enough snow to make it look pretty. Sigh! It's going to be a great Christmas!!
Joy to you and your family!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time to Think

It's almost the end of the grand, glorious year that was 2010. Many of us made resolutions for the year.
Also, Many of us have had changes in our lives.
Some were decided by each of us, some were forced upon us.
Whether those changes were for the good or for the worse, 2010 is coming to a close. Before we make our list of resolutions for 2011, let's think about our lives this past year.
It's time to be thankful for what we have. Basic things like a home, a job, family, a car, heat, food.
Other things like scrapping supplies, internet, cell phones and going out for dinner.
And then there are the priceless gifts of good friends like those found here.
It's time to take out the trash, as well. Is there something in your life that is weighing you down? Causing added stress to your days? Hurting you?
2011 is a fresh start, a new year, full of changes, I'm sure. I would like a little more control over those changes.
If I can, I will make them happen.
If I can't, I will rise above the challenges and forge ahead.
I will look back on 2010 as a tutorial for things to come in 2011.
I will make my list of resolutions with an eye on the previous year, learning from my mistakes and courageously going where I haven't gone before.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day of Thanks and Giving

Every year I choose a couple people who I am truly grateful that they are a part of my life. I called my doctor, who diagnosed me with diabetes, and who started me on the road to renewed health. My sugar level is normal without insulin or medication, I eat healthier, I bike and weight train, and enjoy Spinning classes once or twice a week, and have lost 37 pounds. This from an attitude at the end of last winter that made me donate all my skinny clothes!!
I called my online buddy Linda and thanked her for her Yahoo group invitation, her friendship and her support.
I called my girlfriend Sue who has had a rough year with a new divorce, angry teens and bitter ex. She has supported me through as much as I have been there for her.
I wrote my son, and thanked him for all the years of joy (and anguish) he has given me, and to tell him how proud I am of him. He is in Bootcamp, on his way to becoming an Army M.P. I can't wait until his Holiday Leave!
This year I have ruthlessly cleaned out my closets and drawers and yes, even my craft room, trying to put the concept of simplicity back into my life and my lifestyle. I have donated most of the largess. I have also given of my time, my talents and my treasure to needy causes, like Catholic Charities, my parish's Youth Group, the local Food Pantry, and supporting Awareness for Breast Cancer.
I keep a journal at my bed, in which I close out my nights with a short list of the things I am thankful for. Some days the list is very short, thanking him for basics like a home, a family, a job, heat and food. Sometimes it's longer and more frivilous, being thankful for purple nail polish, the Goodwill store, a steal of a deal at HobbyLobby and pistacchios!
Whatever my day, I end with my own silent song of gratitude. It helps when the "I Wants" creep up, like a replacement for my Canon camera, or my lost iPod with over a 1000 songs. When I look at the list of things I already have, it puts into perspective how badly (or not badly) I really NEED the iPod and camera.
So on this Thanksgiving Day, remember what you have, cherish it, be thankful for it, and laugh off some of the things on your Wish list.
As my father used to say, "Blessed are those who do not expect, for they shall not be disappointed".
Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thank you for your comments

And the winner is Lady J!!! There were very few comments, so my random generator was...Bella! I wrote the first initials from each of your names on a piece of paper and after reciting each letter, she chose one, J.
Expect a little something coming your way, Juanita!
Thank you everyone who participated. Check out my animated character--I'm more in sync with my son's attire at the moment.
Now off to dance class with Bella!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hug A Veteran Today

I met and married my husband of 34 years while serving in the Army at Ft. Ord, CA, 54th MP Co. Now my son is in Basic Training, also going into the Army, but Reserves, and as an MP.Throughout our own and our son's experiences in the service, we have met some of the finest people, volunteers who defend our country and ...the freedom of people around the world. Every day I am thankful for the liberties we have in this country. Today I am doubly thankful to all our military comrades. Hoo-ah!!!

Post a comment and your name will be sent to a random generator and the winner will receive Blog Candy from me. Although your gratitude to veterans and those currently serving is ongoing, this contest ends tonight at midnight. Don't forget to post your email so I can contact you, besides posting the winner here tomorrow!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

S'More Layouts

Whew, I finally created a couple pages!! This is a milestone, as I have only made cards for the last few months. Between time constraints, family and work stress, etc., I have had no inclination to scrap. Hopefully, I am crawling out of this funk. I did it by posting a challenge on Scrapbook place Yahoo Group. Everyone has this week to scrap some of their most recent photos NOW, not wait until "the time is right" or they're "more organized". I wanted them to get those pics onto their computer and printed out, whether it's of their kids Trick-or-Treating or the fall colors. Kind of like a LIFO--Last in, First out.
So of course I had to lead by example, and my rut is smaller than it was yesterday. I hope I'm on the road to recovery. I'm a tad behind on scrapping this year, and there's been a lot to scrap---Gram's 100th birthday, Bella's third, some Zoo trips, Halloween trick-or-treating, a nature walk and campfire. Well, the campfire is scrapped above. My daughter-in-law took the pics while Bella and Daddy enjoyed the walk, the campfire and the s-mores!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Altered Art

A couple of free make&takes that I made at CHA were the tag and Post-It notebook. The stap on the notebook is Peachy Keen. I loved all their stamps but by the time I got to their booth I had already run out of money!
I made the tag with literally minutes left before they threw us out of the hall. I wanted to make it as I had never made a pinwheel before, so I got to do that.
As you can read, I had a lot of fun and tried a few new techniques (to me) at the convention. I would go again if it comes back to Chocago next year.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Here are three more layout pages made either at CHA or with materials I received from workshops. I'm so happy that I'll be spending the day with my mom and sisters, scrapping. I'm kind of at a standpoint, not even wanting to go into my craft room. So I've printed out a bunch of new photos to layout, as well as photos to put into my 365 Days of Me album.
I also visited my lss and broke down and bought my first package of Flower Soft. I bought green so I can make some Christmas cards using it. Used it at CHA and Loved, loved, loved it!!! But if I keep purchasing newness, I am going to have to let go of some of the older items in my room before I can't fit another staple in there!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Layouts

I made some of these layouts at CHA, while finishing the rest at home with papers and sketches I received there. The first was made with new PostIt papers from a 3M workshop I took. The papers are great, with removable sticky backs, and a big variety of colors. But PostIt has historically been expensive, and while the papers are very easy to use and convenient, the cost is prohibitive to me.
The second was also from the 3M workshop. The strip of paper made to look like pleated ribbon is PostIt brand, so it sticks to itself, giving it the pleated look. The flower is PostIt paper as well, torn and spiraled and stuck to itself to form a three dimensional flower.
I made the third page with papers received at the same workshop, but we just didn't have enough time to finish all the projects. The workshop should have been 1 and a half hours i/o just an hour. Anyway, I added a crocheted flower that my friend Linda made for me (thanks Linda!).
Altogether, between what I made in the workshop and what I brought home from it, adding a little more of my own supplies, I finished 12 pages. A great crafting weekend!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


What a blast! I went to CHA-Chicago for the public. This is only the second year I think that they did an expo for us consumers. It was awesome! I was there for 8 hours, and didn't quite get to all the booths. I took two workshops, won prizes, received goody bags, made about twelve make&takes, all free, and shopped to my heart's content (not really, my budget was very limited). I had fun.
What you see pictured here are most but not all the things I made and won. There's more, but my chair wasn't big enough. All free, oh, except for the red t-shirt, I bought that one for $10. But look at my loot!!
I usaed flower soft for the first time, and now I'm hooked. I bought from Paper Trey for the first time (waited ten minutes to just get inside their booth, line was so long), and fell off my Paper-holic wagon big time. I used grunge paper and made a bracelet, copics and made a post-it notebook, stopped off at JoAnn's and Michael's and Archivers, as well as a score of other booths.
My workshops were card-making ones from Slice and Post-It/3M. I decided I didn't want to buy a Slice, then won the raffle prize of a special Music Cartridge! We also received a Seasons cartridge as we walked out! I made six cards there.
We all received adhesives from 3M, foam tape, glue and double-sided glue runners. They have new scrapbooking paper that is all post-it on the back, so it's repositionable forever (expensive, though, as all post-it products are). I made three layout pages there, and won a cardstock stack.
They were giving away Gypsies, Cricuts, sewing machines, etc. I didn't win any big prizes, but had lots of fun trying!! My admission is for two days, but I'm not going today. Maybe if a friend were going with, I'd do it, but I went solo yesterday.
So I'm skipping the craft supershow in St. Charles this year. CHA is enough for me, until 2011.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christmas in July

Maybe it's the thought of winter and Chrsitmas that makes a person think cooler thoughts. Only when I get done with my cold weather cards, I seem to have worked up a sweat and the thermometer hasn't budged! But I do have a nice stack of cards to use this holiday season.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busy Weekend

After enjoying an evening out on Friday, we spent a dangerous, anxiety-ridden car ride from the southwestern suburbs of Chicago, to the northeast suburbs, a ride that should have taken 1 hour but lasted two. We rode out hard rain coming at us sideways, lightning bolts as thick as your arm and practically on top of us, and visibility no farther than the next car. We stopped on the side of the road twice, once before and once on the expressway. It was tense, and we felt we had been driving with storm chasers, but we finally made it home around midnight!
The next day I made the boys move furniture and my living room now has a new look to it. It is also super clean, and I even made room for my finished scrapbooks, so people can pull them out to view them.
Today was spent cleaning other rooms, especially my craft room. I'm goping to the Craft Super Show in Rosemont on Friday, and wanted to see what supplies I might be low on. I managed to do some pages and make a card in my "spare" time. LOL
This week is the last of the summer work hours, so after this, no more free Fridays.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Cards

I signed up to make a bunch of cards at Scrapbook Place Yahoo Group. Above are a couple of them. The Halloween cards feature sitting tilda with broom, as well as a Magnolia pumpkin. I colored her with Copics, popped her with dimensional dots, and embellished the cards with some magic mesh and a Halloween button.
For the monogram card, I used glittered Twinkle Type Alphas by K & Co, Basic Grey patterned papers, and 3D butterfly stickers.
If you want inspiration, challenge and plenty of games and paper crafts, let me know and I'll hook you up to Scrapbook Place Yahoo Group. They're a friendly bunch of scrappers and card makers waiting to meet you!

Where do you get your Inspiration?

I found mine hanging up over my daughter's bedroom door. I am in a swap with ATCs and couldn't get a handle on the design, until I happened to glance up and see this picture. I loved the colors, so I took it down and put it on my craft table and started pulling out papers and images and ribbons. I ended up with 6 ATCs that can be put on card fronts to make cute get well cards for kids.
So, what inspires you?

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Other Half of the Paper

When I made the trifold shutter card for my doctor, I was left with the other half of the card base cardstock. So when I remembered I was invited to my girlfriend's 25th anniversary party, I grabbed up the other half and created their card, using DCWV The Luxury Stack for the dp, and assorted embellies and rubons.
Making these two cards has got me inspired to try my hand on other "nonstandard" cards. I've never made an easel card before...hmmm.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christmas in July

This month's card exchange has a theme of Christmas in July, so I had to use my newest stamp from Funky Kits, "Baubles". The card also qualifies for the Fruit Salad challenge on Scrapbook Place (thank you, Heidi) with its unusual fold, stamped image, inking and dimension requirements.
Having the week off to take care of my health has also allowed me to get back into card making and scrapping, some of which I can show off the next few days here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Doctor had a Baby

So I gave her a baby scrapbook album filled with baby papers, and made her the card above. I hadn't made shutter tri-fold cards in a while, and had fun making this one. It makes such a pretty presentation. For embellishments, I went to joann's when they were clearancing out a bunch of stickers and embellie packs for pennies, literally! The sweet baby metallics were from there, as well as the sentiment stickers. The flowers were a RAK from one of my scrapping friends, and the paper I used was Bazill for the base, and DCWV's The Luxury Stack for the patterned papers. The Twinkle,twinkle little star quote I made up myself, and used one of the fonts found on Lisa Bearnson's My Favorite Fonts CD.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New HouseMouse card

I have fallen in love with House Mouse stamps, and found a great site to inspire me to improve my coloring techniques. It's called HouseMouse and Friends and you can check them out here at:
Their latest challenge is a sketch challenge using a HouseMouse image, and this one is one of my newest faves. I used this one on several Father's Day cards, but thought it would be just as cute as a summer note card. I popped out the wheels of the wagon by coloring two images and cutting out thw hweels to place on top of their counterparts with dimensional dots. I masked the whole image and spritzed a little GlimmerMist by Tattered Angels for the background. I know a person who needs a bright summery card, so it will go to a nice home!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Father's Day Gift for my Son

I was clearance saling a couple months ago when I happened upon a whole shelf of K&Co. albums and scrapbooking items. I found this Photo Cube Kit and fell in love with it. I bought three of them, and wish I had bought out the store (as it was, I paid $100 for $500 worth of albums, album kits and photo cubes and patterned papers).
I made this photo cube for my son, who is often forgotten when it comes to being recognised as a parent because his daughter doesn't live with him. I printed and sized six photos of him with his daughter, except for the top picture, which is my favorite Christmas photo. The papers were sized for the sies of the cube, and were adhesive backed. The stickers and frames were included. I had to add a little more dimension by using buttons and jewels, and matted a couple photos as well with cardstock. I think it turned out well, but my son really really liked it, so I know it was a hit, and he knows he is an appreciated daddy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I made this Father's Day card for my daughter's boyfriend's dad, Michaelangelo. We stopped at their house to pick up our daughter and stayed for an hour. Whenever we come over, we always leave with a plate of food that they insist they made special for us. They are the most hospitable people I've ever known, and they love Wendy lkike their own daughter. I just have to be careful not to leap too far ahead. She's only 14!!
I have a new love---it is House Mouse. I used to shy away from these stamped images, but now I'm hungry for them! I picked up a few that HobbyLobby was clearancing off, and received a bunch from a swap in my Yahoo group. I thought the little bunny pulling his dad in the wagon was perfect for a Father's Day card, but the cover image worked better as a triptyc, and I felt in the mood to cut the colored image into three pieces.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Day, New Card

Found this image in a pile a swapped images and wanted to see if it made me sneeze! No I'm not crazy, I have pet allergies and try to steer away from all things animal. My allergies extend to many flowers, and can you believe it, I took an oil painting class and all my canvases looked good, except for the flowers. It has to be psychological as well as physical, don't you think?!
Anyway, my daughter gave her stamp of approval on this card. She said she liked the way I colored the dog and cake. High praise from my artiste! I made this for her boyfriend of eight months--his name is Fabio.
So I've entered it in the:
Copic Creations Blog challenge this week, as well as
My Time To Craft Challenge Blog #95 Extra Special Challenge (see here at:

Monday, June 7, 2010

gorjuss girls card

I am in love with my new Gorjuss girls. I am ready to put in another order to for more of these so cute girlies. I received a couple images with a card kit last week and couldn't wait to color the girls and make cards out of them.
This card qualifies for Quirky Crafts Blog challenge #29 Girlie Girl. See their blog here:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Card for a Friend

I waqs asked by a good friend to make her a card to give to her brother. he is having a bout of serious depression following the death of his mother, and is being cared for in a nursing home out of state.
I didn't want to make a get well card, so I took my friend's feelings and worry to mind and made a card of love, a card to tell her brother how much she loves him.
I used chipboard shapes on both the front cover and inside, inking and embossing them before adhering them to the card. I have never done this before, believe it or not!! I also adhered jewels to the insides of some star buttons, attaching them to some small embossed chipboard.
Finally, I printed out a quote that originally used the word "Sisters" but changed it out for "Brothers". I gave her the card today and she hugged me to let me know how much it meant to her. I'm including my prayers for him to get well.
This card qualifies for the CupCake Craft Challenges blog challenge #94 "dazzle Us".
See their blog here:

Monday, May 31, 2010

I am psyched

When hubby said he wanted no commitments this weekend, just relaxation, I thought--yeah, what he really means is housework! But this weekend has been quiet, and for me, very productive. I made 13 cards, one mini chipboard album, caught up on my 365 Days of Me album, and finished another 7 layout pages.
I can now honestly say I have scrapped all photos of Halloweens and Easters past. Wahoooooooo!! It sure feels good to get more of the older photos onto pages. The only problem is: Where can I store/display my albums so that anyone can pull one out and start looking through it??? Right now they are stacked on top of my filing cabinet in my craft room. I would love that our living room is big enough for a bookcase or some nice big shelf, but all we can manage after the TV, couches and hassock/table is a long, narrow table by the front door. Right now the items under it all belong to Bella, but maybe she's old enough to look through the albums without crying for me to take the photos out. Hmm...

Prayers and thanks to all who serve and have served

Well, looks like the steaks will be cooked inside, as the torrential rains sweep across my little neck of the city. A good day to put things to right inside the house, and to spend a bit of time remembering all the people I know (and don't know)who are in the military, who are serving in the Mideast, who are retired from the service, who served their country in peace and in war, and finally those who gave their lives believing in peace and justice.
I have a total of 74 cards that I finished to send to our troops overseas, so they can send home their letters and well wishes with homemade cards instead of plain paper. The last of them are pictured above.
Both I and my husband served in the Army ( along time ago in a glaaxy far far away), as well as my father-in-law (navy) and my sis-in-law (army). Soon, my son will spend his time protecting us and our global neighbors, as he starts his Army Reserves career (fingers crossed).
Some time today please think good thoughts and gratitude to all who serve and have served, and the hope that those away come home in one piece.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Travel Mini Chipboard Album

After cleaning off my desk and putting my craft room to rights, I started my creative play time by embellishing and papering a chipboard album I picked up at the store. The covers were already decorated with a travel theme, so I used DCWV's Travel Stack to cover the six chipboard pages inside, along with a pretty peice of patterned paper in the photo window on the cover. A metal charm from JoAnn's Essentials line completed the album and now it's up for grabs at Scrapbook Place on the Party Board. It has a vintage look, and I plan on doing another one in a beach/tropical theme for those lucky enough to get away this summer.
Looks like we'll be staying home this year. We didn't go anywhere on spring break, which is our favorite time to travel south, nor does it look like we'll get away this summer. Supporting our adult son while Experian holds his life in their incapable, two-faced, lying hands has taken a financial toll on us. To explain my deep feelings against Experian, our son is a victim of debt fraud. After filing the police report and reqauesting action from the financial instritutions who evidently put "his" debt on his creit report AND GETTING NOWHERE WITH THEM (namely CHASE, NATIONAL CITY, HARLEM FURNITURE AND HSBC BANKS) we fileda dispute with Experian, who assured us that by PAYING THEM a monthly fee, they would help him get the bad credit off his record. Don't believe it for a second. They won't do anything except give the financial institutions ample time and many extensions of said time to drag it out. If you are in the same boat, make detailed notes of each phone call to Experian, because what one person says is totally different than what the next person says!
This has been going on since February. Out of five bad credit issues, three are left, one of which is a duplicate of another account that was cleared by the finanacial institution but was filed illegally by a collection agency. It seems they can get away with double credit hits by adding a couple zeros onto the same accounts.
Go check your credit report at if you haven't this year. You may be surprised by the results--we certainly were!
So my son, who has committed three years of his life to the Army Reserves, can't ship out to Basic Training until these issues are wiped off his credit report. Anyone know who can help? Lawyers won't take credit report cases.
So my son can't ship, he can't get a job because prospective employers check the credit report before hiring. His life is on hold because someone stole his name and information and racked up some illegal credit. And we're suffering from his depression and the cost of supporting him. Ugh!
Sorry, this was supposed to be a light offering about my creativity. I'll stop, promise!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I cleaned my craft room yet again! If I had a better system to keep organized, I wouldn't have to keep cleaning my desk off so much. When I get the muse (and the time) I just go gangbusters at cards, altered art, albums, and layouts. I often have just enough time to create, but not enough time to clean up after myself.
I hereby make a vow to try to clean up after each project, and put away new items I may purchase right as soon as I bring them into the house. I further vow to use up more leftover papers, instead of tearing into fresh sheets and making more leftovers.
This holiday weekend will be my testing ground. I don't plan to go anywhere or do much besides a little laundry and a lot of crafting.
And now that our office is starting summer hours, I will have Thursday mornings off, and all day Friday off until the end of July--hurray!! I can start making pages again, and organizing my photos for more pages. Can't wait for tomorrow, so I guess I'll crawl into bed now. Happy holiday weekend all!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

birthdays and sympathy cards

I had a chance to run away into my craft room on Sunday, so I finished up a couple sets of card fronts for a card swap on Scrapbook Place yahoo Group. I have a love of monkeys so my friend Lelia sent me some images of the cute monkey whose eyes are popping out at the birthday cupcake in front of him. I colored two images with copics, the first being the entire image and the second using just the cupcake and the monkey's eyes. Thewn I attached the parts of the second image onto the same area on the first image, giving the scene dimension. I also used Liquid Glass on the cherry and his eyes, while using Stickles on the cupcake's sprinkles.
So many of my swap mates for the sympathy cards had asked me for images of Calla Lilies from Stampin Up, so I thought I'd use a different flower, although the lily is standard on this type of card. Just a tiny bit of black Stickles on the flower heads for a conservative pop.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gorjuss card

I am now the proud owner of TWO Gorjuss girls. It's slow but steady. I save a small portion of my pay every two weeks, but there's SO much out there that I want! LOL
Here is my newest possession. The designer paper is from the Paper Studio. I bought a box of pre-folded cards w/envies at Hobby Lobby, using my 40% off coupon. I love the colors and patterns! I recycled the bow from a Christmas gift I received last December, and used my Copics to give my girl some color.
Gorjuss girls are just so...well, gorgeous!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hanglar Card

I just got some beautiful images from my scrapping buds. One of them was a HAnglar & Stangler, and I couldn't wait to make a card. I have to get my hands on some of these stamps!