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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I made this Father's Day card for my daughter's boyfriend's dad, Michaelangelo. We stopped at their house to pick up our daughter and stayed for an hour. Whenever we come over, we always leave with a plate of food that they insist they made special for us. They are the most hospitable people I've ever known, and they love Wendy lkike their own daughter. I just have to be careful not to leap too far ahead. She's only 14!!
I have a new love---it is House Mouse. I used to shy away from these stamped images, but now I'm hungry for them! I picked up a few that HobbyLobby was clearancing off, and received a bunch from a swap in my Yahoo group. I thought the little bunny pulling his dad in the wagon was perfect for a Father's Day card, but the cover image worked better as a triptyc, and I felt in the mood to cut the colored image into three pieces.

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