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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Adventure Time


Sometimes my daughter has (ahem) weird taste in TV shows. One of these is a cartoon series called "Adventure Time". Besides the almost unfinished look to the animation, they are a strange cast of characters. The heroes (if you can call them that) are named Finn and Jake. The setting is someplace not on this Earth. There are characters that are clouds, a remote control, fruit and other strange things. 

But she loves it, so when I found a canvas-covered journal in my stash, I decided to attempt to draw the characters. I have to say, they look a lot like the TV show. But my best work is the title, just the way it appears on TV. I used my Posca paint markers on all but the black outlines.

And most importantly, my daughter loves her new journal. So for me, its a success! 

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Zen Coloring My Zen Doodle


I posted a Zen Doodle I had drawn back in June. My cousin actually went through my doodle art journal and suggested putting them together to create a coloring book. I gave it some thought and decided to color one of my doodles to see if maybe others might like to color them as well.

And the result is featured above! I love the way her hair came out. I used both markers and colored pencils to try and blend my colors. I'm not sure about the face-it looks too small for her hair. But this is just the first draft. I can print up as many as I wish and try different media and colors. But I hope you like this first draft. 

Let me know in the comments if I should continue putting my doodles together into a collection...  

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

One Last Deck Decor Item


I think I'm finished decorating the "new" deck. My last contribution to it is this large metal vase. I had painted it in aqua/teal colors to match the former deck. Today I spray painted the whole vase. When it was dry, I used a stencil to help me paint a tree in gold acrylic paint. I also painted a band of gold at the neck of the vase. All I had to do to finish it off was find flowers to fill the vase, which I had in my garage.

Speaking of garages, mine and my daughter's cars have centimeters on each side when parked inside the garage. The garage is loaded with bins, furniture and tools from my my mom's and gram's houses. I'm storing these things mostly for my sister, who can't decide what she wants to keep and what she's willing to give away. I'm trying to clean my garage out, but it's a very slow process. I am overwhelmed with STUFF, some of it not my own. Anyone have any ideas to pull me out of my hoarder's dilemma?

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Back from an Alternate Universe

At my most recent trip to a thrift store, I was lucky enough to come on a Monday, when the whole store is 50% off. I found two flat-backed vases (urns?) and paid $7 for the pair! They are ceramic and heavy and the perfect size for my newly-sealed and painted front deck. Perfect in size but not the right colors!

So I pulled out my spray paint and acrylics and colored each a creamy white. I even spray painted the cording and beads on each side and bottom. I left the cording near the top opening gold.

When I bought the vases, they each had some old, moldy fake flowers on their fronts. I decided against adding new ones, since I would be filling each with faux flowers. And here are the finished deck decor standing on each side of my front door!

Note the mailbox and address plaque. I had painted them both, along with the light post (not pictured), to coordinate with the deck before the new blue sealer/paint. So I took them off the siding and painted them as well. 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Art Journal - Mixed Media page


Today I pulled a page from my art journal. It was created with a combination of markers, colored pencils and black pen. If you zoom in, you can read each line, which is a positive affirmation. The water, land and mountains represent my life path...