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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Art Journal Pages I'm Sharing Today

Recently, I chose to draw animals and fill them with doodles. Here's the first of three. I love this one. Just the noble canine and nothing else on the page. It looks so sharp. Personally, I prefer smaller dogs. Our first was a SiIkie Terrier rescue we named Wilson. We found out he had some big health issues, but by then he had been with us for three months. He was part of our family, and he gave us love for five years before giving up the good fight. Our second dog was also a rescue, mixed-breed terrier we named Honeycomb, Honey for short. She was six years old when we got her and she had some minor health issues. She's now 8 yo and has exactly that many teeth left. I guess terriers have an issue with their teeth rotting. We've always brushed our dogs teeth every night, but obviously many owners don't even think of doing that!

Here is my dolphin (well, not mine personally but my art journal page). After filling in her body, I doodled some waves and gave her the quote, "Don't just float, make waves". Do you doodle? What's in your art journal?? Happy crafting!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Summer Means A Farmers' Market!

 Until my tomato plants start blooming and tomatoes start turning red, I spend every Sunday morning at the local farmers' market. Although it's in the neighboring town, I live on the edge of mine and it's closer to go there than to my own town's market.

I love to browse through the stalls, check out the local artists/crafters, and choose fresh farm-grown vegetables and fruit. So last Sunday, I was inspired to create a Zen doodle of the bounty that is offered weekly. There's also a kettle corn vendor, as well as a crepe food truck. It's always great to see families and couples wandering up and down, enjoying the sunshine, walking their dogs, meeting up with neighbors and friends, and generally having a good time.

As you can see, I decided to color my veggies. I used colored pencils, which made sense with all the black ink on the page. Does it make you hungry?? LOL

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Have a Turtle-y Awesome Day


I have another fun thrift store makeover for you today. This trio of mischievous turtles was a thrift shop purchase from last year. I knew I was going to repaint it, but life threw me a curve ball and it sat in my basement until now. I sanded the trio to a rough surface to ensure my white base coat woould not peel off. I painted the turtles' bodies first, using an Apple Green for them all. Knowing that each of the many layers I painted would have to dry completely, I used the ceiling fan as well as a heat gun to speed things along. 

I used my favorite colors, which are teal, turquoise and aqua for their shells. I love these colors and paint with them frequently. In fact, the color scheme of my summer trailer uses these colors. Since they are wildlife, and my deck sits above a ravine with a stream running through it, maybe I'll pack these guys up and use them at the trailer. Btw, lots of summer residents give their RV lots creative names. Since I share it with my nephew and family, I thought something that had both our last names in it. How does Martin Manor/Toscano Terrace sound?

Here's what the trio of turtles originally looked like (below). As you can see, they were dented, dirty and dull. Now, with two coats of gloss varnish, they are bright, cheerful and ready for mischief!

Friday, June 23, 2023

Come Sail Away with Me

 Caught the Doodling bug again. This time I went all out with sunshine, water and a boat. The sun has a little blotch on the right. I guess my glass of water got too close to it! 

I am filling up my art journal quickly. I have several more pages to feature on my blog. They were all drawn this month. Just when I think I've run out of ideas for doodling, I get inspired by the weather, the zoo, my home - just about anything! Are you that way? Do you find inspiration everywhere? For me, the problem is finding time to create from the inspiration!

Today's page was inspired by the travel plans I and my sister are making. We are taking a cruise together, which is no mean feat as one of my sisters lives in Germany. We chose to go to the East and west Caribbean. We tried but couldn't book connecting rooms, but we're close enough so we can pop in each others' rooms. Just thinking about the trip gets me excited... 

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

I Love the Smell of Leather

 When I was a kid, my family lived on a city block where all my neighbors had sons. I grew up as a tomboy with one desire - to own my own baseball mitt. I never got a new mitt, but I did get a "throw-away" one from my uncle. No matter, I could catch with it just as easily as a new one. 

I think that's where my liking the smell of leather kicked in. Awesome memories playing ball with him and his friends (uncle was only 4 years older than I) and forever throwing the ball against the front steps. You had to throw the ball just at the edge of a step for it to "throw back" at you. 

My make today uses a leather kit (and that's where the story came to mind). I  had to piece together and sew the leather to create an art journal cover. I traded the twine for my own silver twine and used a blanket stitch on the covers instead of the recommended simple stitch. The stitches are a little messy, but it did its job. 

After admiring my sloppy work, I pulled out my Posca paint markers and got to do what I do best - doodle!! If you are wondering whether to put out the money for a set of Poscas, they are truly worth the cost over other paint markers. The effect is more opaque than all the rest. I outlined everything first, then went back in with some colored paint markers. I love the end result. Using another piece of colored twine, I rummaged through my jewelry supplies, finding a few beads and charms to complete my journal. Now I just have to put paper in it and we're ready!

When I think of the isolation of COVID, I think of all the new techniques and supplies I tried. Some attempts were laughable while others stirred a desire to continue learning. Now I'm not only a card maker, I am JOAT (that's Jack Of All Trades, thanks to Anne McCaffrey's science fiction/fantasy Ship book series. I also stretched my taste in books and music.  

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Daisy Chain Challenges - No Design Paper
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Monday, June 19, 2023

Zen Doodling is All about the Patterns


I pulled a back muscle, so instead of enjoying a weekend at my trailer with family, I spent it relaxing and creating more Zen doodles. This one is of a young woman; I have another to show you. But first, I always use a medium point gel pen. I now buy them in bulk off of Amazon!!

The doodle below is also of a young woman. I'm going to try my hand at a young man's face later in the week. These are pages from my newest art journal. I'm almost to the end so I will have to use the backs of the pages already filled. I try not to do so, in case of leakage, especially when I paint or use Copics on a doodle. But as the saying goes, Needs must!

BTW, this month's challenge at the Path of Positivity challenge blog has an optional twist of PATTERNS. If anything, doodles are just an arrangement of patterns. Hope to see some artwork from you over there.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

My Poet-tree

 I got a chance today to create in my art journal. No doodles this time, just some collaging and three of my copyrighted Haiku poems. The background paper was an online freebie, the dog cut from a magazine, and the bird and butterfly are die-cuts. I also used a word sticker, "dream".

I am attempting to e-publish my Haiku poetry. My cousin published hers and she's coaching me on how to set up pages, etc., Please tell me your honest opinion of any or all of these poems. Haiku is a type of poem originating in Japan, offering three stark lines in the  proportion of five syllables, 7 syllables and 5 again. You have to make your statement in just 17 syllables: difficult, but not impossible. I love creating these, and have about 50+ poems to share with others.

Challenges I am Entering:

 Creative Artiste - Anything Mixed Media Goes
Paper Dragonfly Creative - #1 Anything Flies
Diecut Divas - A/G with at least one diecut (butterflies and bird)

Saturday, June 17, 2023

A Gift for My Neighbor - Saving Memories


Over the weekend, I talked with my neighbor over our shared backyard fence. He was power washing his driveway so he could patch the cement work. I noticed that a piece of it displayed paw prints from one of their dogs who passed away last year. In fact, I held and comforted Barney while his wife got ready to take him to the vet. He didn't come back.

I knew that she would have wanted to keep the part of the driveway that held his pawprints, but her hubby had already started chipping away at it. I asked for the remaining pieces of concrete and just finished putting the pieces together and decorating the finished product.

My neighbor has a lovely garden in her backyard and I made her a garden plaque to remember Barney. After using E6000 adhesive, I used gold acrylic paint and gold glitter glue around the top edges and in the grooves that spelled his name and the date. I threw on a few sequins before the varnish dried.

I'm waiting overnight before I place it in her garden so that the E6000 can dry completely. I'm surprised it worked on concrete! It should be a nice surprise for her. She thinks her husband got rid of this treasured memento of her Schnauser, Barney. It looks rough, but I'm glad I could repair it for her...

Friday, June 16, 2023

Upcycling a Thrift Store Find - Garden Decor


I started watching a series on Netflix that shows how a person can decorate/furnish their home for practically pennies. This inspired me to go out to my garage and find something to upcycle for my home. I discovered a rusted metal watering can that I had purchased at Savers for $2 last year.

After washing and sanding (and sanding and sanding), I had a canvas for my paints. I first sprayed the whole can with orange spray paint. Then I added dark Turquoise chalk paint on top of that. Then I took another square of sandpaper and roughed up the edges, letting the orange color come though. It looked like...hmm, a rusted old watering can?! Well, let's just say my can was "artfully antiqued".

I used a stencil and some copper paint, along with a botanical border, to give it some style. I tried to re-bend the handle but it was stronger than I am! When the can was dry, I used gloss varnish, thereby cancelling the "artistically-antiqued" look. But I wanted the look to last throughout the Chicago weather, so it's okay. Breathe...

Once dry (again), I pulled out a few strings of tiny twinkle lights and threaded them through the can's spout. I hung the can over my tiny garden in front of my  house. I left the lights on, and I can't wait to see it lit up!! Updated photo below:

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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Fast & Furious Cardmaking


This morning I tried to declutter my card supplies stash. I gathered quite a few ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and remembered a fast and furious method to create cards - Use ATCs as the centerpiece on the front of cards! So the declutter stopped and the card making began...

These eight cards were created in twenty minutes (after gathering some cardstock, tape, etc). About half of them were ATCs made by me, and there's one created with one of my water colors. Now I have cards to donate to the VA Hospital for patients or guests to use. 

I'll have to declutter more often! I know I have at least another year's worth of stash to swim through and use...

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Monday, June 12, 2023

A Beautiful Day


Today was a beautiful paint, to walk the dog, to enjoy the breeze, smell the blooming flowers, pick strawberries from my garden, to just be alive. 

I have stacks of canvas, pieces of wood, shelves of paint, thrift store items to be upcycles, and clean brushes in hand. Today I'm going to my happy place. I'm going to paint!

And paint I did. I created an acrylic paint pour canvas, and after it was dry, I stenciled this awesome quote onto it. A couple layers of gloss varnish and just took a photo of my canvas. And I like it! LOL

If you haven't tried pour painting, it's messy, it's tricky, but it's worth the effort. Just make sure EVERYTHING is covered. I might have a couple drops of paint on my ceramic tile. And watch what you wear. I now have a pile of (paint-stained) shirts to take to the trailer for when I'm working on my 1987 model RV. Some things are worth the price...

This canvas is going to my trailer. I have an RV near several state parks and the quote is perfect!

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613 Avenue Create - A/G optl. summertime
We Love to Create - A/G mixed media

Friday, June 9, 2023

Perfect for a Fairy Garden

 My daughter's best friend (and my daughter-by-another-mother) is getting married this year! I'm so happy for her. Besides planning for a wedding, she's designing her garden. She asked me if I could make a few mushrooms for it. Well,  I can't "make" mushrooms, but I dug into my stash and found some from  Hobby Lobby on clearance last winter. There were six plaster mushrooms, so of course I bought them all! LOL

Once home, I put a base coat of white on each. I used acrylic paint and ended up with these five. Don't ask about the sixth one (Taps playing softly). Besides, unless you're arranging them in a specific pattern, an odd number is best, don't you think?

I also have a small gnome figure from Dollar Store that has been gathering dust. I was going to paint him, too, but does anyone know if gnomes and fairies even like each other, let alone share their living space? Please leave a comment and let me know...I don't want a turf war! LOL

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the Crafty Addicts - Anything Goes (A/G)
Crafting from the Heart - A/G (no cards)
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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Using Nature to Paint a Canvas


I finally broke out of the "painters' Block" I was stuck in. I pulled out a circular piece if wood for my canvas. I had seen on Pinterest this technique of using a leaf to paint on and transferring it over to my canvas. I sanded and coated it with chalk paint and then stated the tedious process of "stamping" with my leaves, waiting for that to dry, then going over the whole area with watered down paint. While impatiently waiting for the opportunity to paint another layer, I had to admit that the time was well worth it.

There are about six layers of acrylic paint on my project. I can either hang it on a wall, sell it or make a plant stand or patio table out of it.I seem to remember having a couple of these round pieces of wood. Hmm...

What do you think I should do with this? Do you have other ideas I can use for it? Let me know in the comments section please!

Monday, June 5, 2023

Patterns Are Fun!

The optional twist at the Path of Positivity challenge blog is to use pattern. I pulled a digi paper from my collection of Decosse's Digital Doodles. This is paper you can print out and/or create a digital card. I printed mine out.

Using dimensional tape, I gave my Scribbles Image some pop. The image is called F185 Wooly Wink and can be found HERE. I created the sentiment on Photoshop Elements (I finally upgraded to the 2022 version). The font is called Postino Std Italic.

The paper's polka dots really sang to me, so I wanted to continue the dots with the five adhesive re d pearls. The card seemed very simplistic to me, so I added a paper doily behind the dotted aper and added a strip of cording.

The Path of Positivity offers monthly challenges and the twists are always optional. I hope to see you at the challenge blog!