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Thursday, November 4, 2010

S'More Layouts

Whew, I finally created a couple pages!! This is a milestone, as I have only made cards for the last few months. Between time constraints, family and work stress, etc., I have had no inclination to scrap. Hopefully, I am crawling out of this funk. I did it by posting a challenge on Scrapbook place Yahoo Group. Everyone has this week to scrap some of their most recent photos NOW, not wait until "the time is right" or they're "more organized". I wanted them to get those pics onto their computer and printed out, whether it's of their kids Trick-or-Treating or the fall colors. Kind of like a LIFO--Last in, First out.
So of course I had to lead by example, and my rut is smaller than it was yesterday. I hope I'm on the road to recovery. I'm a tad behind on scrapping this year, and there's been a lot to scrap---Gram's 100th birthday, Bella's third, some Zoo trips, Halloween trick-or-treating, a nature walk and campfire. Well, the campfire is scrapped above. My daughter-in-law took the pics while Bella and Daddy enjoyed the walk, the campfire and the s-mores!!

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