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Monday, May 31, 2010

I am psyched

When hubby said he wanted no commitments this weekend, just relaxation, I thought--yeah, what he really means is housework! But this weekend has been quiet, and for me, very productive. I made 13 cards, one mini chipboard album, caught up on my 365 Days of Me album, and finished another 7 layout pages.
I can now honestly say I have scrapped all photos of Halloweens and Easters past. Wahoooooooo!! It sure feels good to get more of the older photos onto pages. The only problem is: Where can I store/display my albums so that anyone can pull one out and start looking through it??? Right now they are stacked on top of my filing cabinet in my craft room. I would love that our living room is big enough for a bookcase or some nice big shelf, but all we can manage after the TV, couches and hassock/table is a long, narrow table by the front door. Right now the items under it all belong to Bella, but maybe she's old enough to look through the albums without crying for me to take the photos out. Hmm...

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Linda W. said...

Great job this weekend, Pat! I have a short suggestion for the albums, always remember to go vertical in even the smallest of places. And since albums need to stand rather than lay because of the pressure on the embellies on your pages, shoot for a simple mission style narrow bookcase that might fit with your decor. You'll be surprised how many can fit in there. I went the country knotty pine way with a 6 footer. Unfortunately it's full already, but.....I also have seen step ladder type bookcases that take up very little room. Just my $.02 worth - love your blog. You are so much better at it than I am with mine! Hugs,Linda