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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I cleaned my craft room yet again! If I had a better system to keep organized, I wouldn't have to keep cleaning my desk off so much. When I get the muse (and the time) I just go gangbusters at cards, altered art, albums, and layouts. I often have just enough time to create, but not enough time to clean up after myself.
I hereby make a vow to try to clean up after each project, and put away new items I may purchase right as soon as I bring them into the house. I further vow to use up more leftover papers, instead of tearing into fresh sheets and making more leftovers.
This holiday weekend will be my testing ground. I don't plan to go anywhere or do much besides a little laundry and a lot of crafting.
And now that our office is starting summer hours, I will have Thursday mornings off, and all day Friday off until the end of July--hurray!! I can start making pages again, and organizing my photos for more pages. Can't wait for tomorrow, so I guess I'll crawl into bed now. Happy holiday weekend all!

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