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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busy Weekend

After enjoying an evening out on Friday, we spent a dangerous, anxiety-ridden car ride from the southwestern suburbs of Chicago, to the northeast suburbs, a ride that should have taken 1 hour but lasted two. We rode out hard rain coming at us sideways, lightning bolts as thick as your arm and practically on top of us, and visibility no farther than the next car. We stopped on the side of the road twice, once before and once on the expressway. It was tense, and we felt we had been driving with storm chasers, but we finally made it home around midnight!
The next day I made the boys move furniture and my living room now has a new look to it. It is also super clean, and I even made room for my finished scrapbooks, so people can pull them out to view them.
Today was spent cleaning other rooms, especially my craft room. I'm goping to the Craft Super Show in Rosemont on Friday, and wanted to see what supplies I might be low on. I managed to do some pages and make a card in my "spare" time. LOL
This week is the last of the summer work hours, so after this, no more free Fridays.

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