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Friday, October 15, 2021

31 Days of Halloween - Hocus Pocus Halloween Decor

Today I've used one of my 6"x3" wooden blocks (I only have one left).I got this free image, inspired by the Disney movie Hocus Pocus, off of Pinterest and traced it onto my orange acrylic-painted block. During the decluttering I've been doing, I found an old pad of copy paper, the kind that when you press on the paper, it transfers whatever you're writing/drawing in black onto your surface.

Instead of coloring my image, I left it as a silhouette. I used Dollar Store sticker letters to spell out the quote, "I smell children," spoken by one of the characters. Framing my block with black paint along the edges, I added black lace at the top and baker's twine below the quote. A simple project yet eye-catching, especially if you're a Disney fan.

I painted my last wooden block purple, and now I'm trying to think of a good quote or picture for it. Any ideas? While you're thinking,  please enjoy my gruesome giggles offering...


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