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Friday, February 17, 2023

I'm Being Followed by a Moon Shadow...


Today's post features a little doodling and some creative paper cutting. It started out as a full-page Zen doodle, but I messed up a large part of the doodle. Should I turn the page and start over? No, I thought I could improve upon my mistakes "happy little accident".

Since I drew the doodle in a perfect circle, the the thought of a moon popped into my head. A moon with flowers?? Yes, have you never heard of the Flower Moon, which blooms at the start of Spring? It's a little bigger than a crescent, and using  powerful telescope, you can see the outlines of flowers where the "hidden" part of the moo lies in the night sky.

I cut out a crescent shape from some designer paper for the part of the moon that shines down on the Earth. It covered up the imperfect doodles that came out of my pen. To keep both sides of the moon  cohesive, I used a yellow colored pencil to fill in between the flowers I drew. Not enough to make a difference, I added a little shading within each flower with same colored pencil.  

I cut out a circle from some shimmery dark blue paper and framed my flower moon. I sprinkled this night sky with stars, using my Posca white paint marker. Look, there's s shooting star. 

Make a wish!

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Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

OH! How VERY beautiful. I haven't heard of a flower moon, (you teach me things too.) I love the yellow and those gorgeous flowers.
Faith x