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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Slight Detour in Paradise

After a day in the sun and surf, Murphy's Law kicked in and hit me with a double whammy. I got sick and had to go to Immediate Care, and the heavens opened up and dropped a ton of rain on the island. This poor tourist tried to drive through the flooded street just below our window and not only got stuck, but floated into the rock wall with such force it ripped off his fender!!
I am doing better, and the rain should go away in about an hour. The sun may still shine down on our little piece of paradise today. If not, there's always tomorrow!!
Happy crafting, y'all!

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ike said...

Oh, oooops !!! That happens here a lot too in the Winter when we get the rains !!! :-(

I do hope you get rid of that 'Lurgey' and feel better soon xoxoxoxox