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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doing My Part

Ou rchurch's youth Group is deeply involved with Catholic Charities.  One of their many ventures is helping out with gift baskets to auction off at a charity dinner.  I've been asked to make a couple of banners or signs for the baskets to identify their themes.
The first one I made was for the Father's Day basket.  I could have gone sports, but decided to take the Tool Time path.  I used a piece of patterned paper that looked like wood grain and adhered it on some foam board.  Next I stamped individual tools and pieced them together to spell out "Father's Day".  I framed them on brown cardstock and arranged them on my plank. I jagged cut the edges of the paper and attached some lacing from men's boots to hang either inside the basket or out.

The Mother's Day basket was comprised of leftover Valentine patterned paper and embellishments.  The 12x12 paper was actually blocks for photos, so I cut off the bottom two and added some Stickle cross stitching to make it look like it was sewn together.  Various alpha stickers spells out "Happy Mom's Day".  The flower is handmade by my friend Shannon.  I embellished with pearls, sequins, and tied a piece of lace from which to hang my sign onto the basket.

It was fun making these signs for the auction, but now it's back to my month of birthday cards!  Here i go again, running (hiding) away to my craft room.  Hope your day is filled with crafting, too!

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Holly Young said...

Well what a fun and different project for you to work on Pat! I love how they turned out!