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Friday, January 13, 2012

Valentine Candy by a Secret Admirer

Do you realize Valentine's Day is only a month away?!  I know, I know, wew just finished celebrating December's holidays, but still, only one month to start and finish all those Valentine cards, candy pulls, goody bags, and other expressions of love!

Secret Admirer by Danika Lindsell
 Well, I just started my collection for the holiday made for sweethearts with this Ribbon Pull Candy Card.  This cute QKD image by Monika Ptok Byard is called Secret Admirer, and I think it will be a big hit with my friends.  I bought a package of sugarfree bubble gum packs and when each recipient pulls the ribbom up from the card, the gum comes out of its card!

I think I'll color the dragon as many colors as I have flowers & ribbon and make each one different in that little way.

So, half begun is half done (well, maybe not half, but at least I started).  Secret Admirer is brand new, one of many new QKD releases this month.  Get yours HERE and check out all the other new releases.  And tell them Patacake sent you!!