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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hiding Out

Here we are in Port Washington, Wisconsin, just the two of us girls, off on an adventure of...doing nothing!  That's right, no bowling, no theater, no wine tasting, just walking around, sitting in the jacuzzi, talking over dinner...that about sums it up!

And you know what?  It's enough!  We checked in around 2 pm, after grabbing a sandwich at the edge of town.  We decided to take walk along the lake, on the rocks, and had a blast!  Some time sitting in the sun (in 45 degree temps), watching the water lap at the rocks...

Wendy even got to check off something from her bucket list.   She'd never gone fishing before, and a fisherman lent her a pole (at least for the photo)!

Back at the hotel, we changed into our suits and swam in the pool, then relaxed in the hot tub.  We had it all to ourselves!  She even sat in the sauna for a few minutes while I stayed in the jacuzzi.

We indulged in french dip sandwiches and cheesy fries, then headed upstairs for a "spa" night.  We were sooo tired, though, that we didn't stay up all night talking, just drifted comfortably off to sleep.

This morning,as I sit typing to you, she is just starting to stir in bed, a prelude to waking up.  I have seen the sun rise over Lake Michigan---wow, and I thought sunsets were gorgeous!  Then I went down to the fitness room and biked for 30 minutes (yay, me!)

I don't know whether I should take my shower now, or if Wendy will want to go back to the pool and hot tub, so I thought I'd dash off a few lines about our little getaway now.  Driving home later this am, with a pit stop at Cracker Barrel to finish off the adventure.

What could be better than this?  Let me tell you!  Next Saturday, I am going to an all day crop, and I'll get to scrapbook the photos I took!!  Talk about great timing!  Mwahaha, January is starting out very well, if you ask me!

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Melissa said...

How special! You'll remember this trip forever.