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Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Ba-ack!

OMG, I am finally able to get on my blog and update. And lucky me, I had some time today to make a card. I used the Limitless Limbs stamp set from Pink Cat Studios, one of my many favorite companies for quality stamps! I stamped the tree on glossy white cardstock, and embellished the limbs with small plastic flowers, popping some of them up with dimensional dots while leaving others flat. The scalloped oval was stamped with a Stampin Up stamp and colored with Copics, my markers of choice as well.
Last weekend my family and I were stranded in the bacwoods of Tennessee. No cell signal, iffy internet, restaurants far and few between, and smack in the middle of this trip planned for attending a family wedding, our car broke down. Saturday night, no mechanic to look at the poor thing until Monday morning!
Wendy was dropped out of summer school for too many absences because of our misfortune, but her teacher talked with the dean and managed to get her withdrawn with NO grade instead of the normal F a student gets when dropped. She also got us a credit on the second half of the semester, and it's always nice to get a refund!
So we had to get towed even further into the deep south, but the town of Corinth was a little bigger, and we got iffy cell phone service, better internet, and lo and behold a real restaurant, Ruby Tuesday's right next to our motel. The car was fixed the next day, and we were never so grateful to get home as we were when we pulled up the driveway Tuesday night at 11 pm!
We have come to realize that living outside a big city like Chicago makes us spoiled. Plenty of restaurants, many who deliver, cell coverage almost anywhere, wifi in lots of places--I think it opened the kids' eyes to how good we have it!
(The worse news, there was no local scrapbooking store, not even a Michael's or HobbyLobby anywhere in sight--horrors!)
So I'm home, my scrap desk is clean enough to work at and summer hours lets me out at 3 pm weekdays! Hopefully you'll be seeing quite a few posts in the upcoming weeks of July!

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Blog Master E said...

very cute with the flowers on the tree.