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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tilda Cards

The challenge was to use stitches or sewing on your project, so thank you Linda for PIFg me the lovely sewn card fronts so that I could step up to the challenge! Thanks to Heidi, Sandi and Carol I got a load of Tilda imagesto color and have fun with. One of the cards uses an embossed card front that was also from a recent PIF, and the rest of the patterned paper and cardstock I had on hand, sone from my scrap plie! I finally found a white gel pen that works well! I'll have to make sure I remember the brand so that when the ink runs dry I'll have a replacement.


Teresa said...

Very very cute cards Pat!! And I love how you used the flower in place of the stamped flower, its adorable! Great job! You should have let me know you needed Tilda's I would have sent you some images. hugs,T

Blog Master E said...

adorable Pat! Such happy Tildas!