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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chicago Weather

Gotta love Chicago to live in the city (or near it!). We've had four snow days so far, with kids at home and commuters stranded due to either SNOW or FREEZING TEMPS. The last big snowstorm, when my hubby heard we were getting a lot of measurable snow, he took the challenge to heart and actually measured the snow. Of course, he had to dig his way to the shed roof to find some untouched snow, but that's what we call winter workout here in the Windy City!
Anyway, I had some leftover felt fusion that I used for the border, some leftover snowflake stickers to embellish, and a few turquoise brads that just seemed to fit in well in the color scheme of things. The brown rubons had flowers, but I covered them with the snowflake stickers.
Doesn't hubby look a little too happy measuring that snow?? and he's not even a native! I'm the wicked city woman, he's the country boy!!!

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