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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tears and memories

These next pages were the hardest to scrap. Although it was over 14 years ago that we lost dad, I hadn't really had to scrap anything with his photo in it. Just scrapping new events.
This layout is of 1993, my last Christmas with my dad.

We spent Christmas Eve at my sister's house. Check out my son, giggling over some secret funny thought. Hubby was sporting a beard that year.

Christmas morning was always at mom and dad's. I like that we got a group shot of us kids, all grown up.
The only problems with scrapping with old pics is the inability to crop and adjust and edit them. You have to take what you get. And I didn't have a lot to begin with.
Dad's in the recliner on the right. He had lost his hair with the chemo and radiation, and when it grew back, it came in all white!
We always finished the day off at grandma and grandpa's house for dinner and presents (dinner used to include goose and turkey).
Now we rotate whose house has Christmas morning, altho I don't include my house, becuse everyone comes to mine for the dinner and presents. Gram lost Grampa in '97, and gave up hosting the family. I stepped up to the plate with the condition that once it started at my house, it would stay at my house. I really love having the whole family, aunts and uncles and cousins and babies and everyone, here at my home.
So some Christmas traditions have come to an end, and new traditions have been put in place. Although there are family members missing at the table, they are still with us in our hearts, and in the smiles and laughter we share each year. I love Christmas!!


Kristie W. said...

Beautiful pages and memories. Great job with your embellishments.

Candy said...

Hi Pat,

Boy do I know where you are coming from.

I had started a Memory Book for my dad and was half way through it when he died. I keep trying to finish it but so far ( almost 5 years now ) all I put on the pages are tears!

I admire what you have been able to accomplish. Perhaps because we have moved and are no longer near our family and are just two now ( DH and me ) we have no traditions any more. Most of them died with dad and the rest we left back home with other family members.

Your pages are well done with lovely embellishments. Keep up the good work!

I have no idea how to add music to your blog but have seen the instrucions on the blog. As far as decorating your blog you can go to: .

That is how most of us have done it.
Have fun.