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Thursday, December 25, 2008

From Our House To Yours

Before the snow washes away in the mild weather rain we're expecting tomorrow and Saturday, I thought I'd post this postcard photo of our home. The last snow, which came yesterday, was the very wet, very heavy kind. And our poor little blow-up penguin didn't make it. It's behind the bushes on the right, very deflated.

Here's a picture of this year's Christmas tree. I've had the tree up for a week or so now, but the lights and ornaments and garland, ah, that's another story. The garland went on early yesterday morning. Nothing like the nick of time!
I bought new ornaments this year, all teal and silver. The garland is a mix of silver and white. We put up white lights on the tree this year. I've never had a "designed" tree before, and I must say it looks pretty. But I miss the kids' homemade ornaments, and the Hummel globes from my grandmother, and all the special ones I've collected through the years. Next year we're going traditional. Maybe I'll mix and match.

Now this is a picture with a story. My grandma is 98 years old, so the gifts she gives us are pretty much bought by my mom, and then given to us at Christmas "from" her. This year mom was running behind on a lot of activities she normally has finished by the beginning of December. That's what she gets for going on a cruise to Hawaii around Thanksgiving--no pity here. Anyway, after the presents were opened, my grandma asked us all what she gave us.
When it came time for my mom to answer, she told her she got a pair of pajama bottoms from her. Gram said, "Just the bottoms?" and mom replied, "Yep, I wear just the bottoms."
And since we all were born with a good imagination, we all started laughing...because she meant to say just the bottoms, cause she wears Tshirts for the tops!
I guess you had to be there (I'm still snickering about it).
So even though my sister and her family were in Las Vegas this year, and all the cousins were at home celebrating life with my uncle, who can't leave the house while his immune system is wiped out (chemo and radiation), CHristmas was low key, very different, but still a time of laughter, memories old and new, and plenty of fun.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

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