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Sunday, December 14, 2008

ATC-sized Christmas cards

I love ATCs. I love making them and I love collecting them!

I had a package of small-sized envies, just the isze of an ATC. So I thought I would make these cute little ATC-sized Christmas cards for my coworkers. We're having a holiday lunch on Tuesday so I can pass these out then.

Some of the above were made using ATCs I have collected through the years. I want to thank all my crafting friends for their tiny creations on these cards, but some of them didn't have names on the backs.

These cards were made using 3D stickers, fiber, foamies, jewels and slide mount frames.
I think my co-workers will like these miniature art treasures, don't you?


Blog Master E said...

very cute Pat, what a sweet little treat for your coworkers.

Susan said...

I'm an ATC collector & love these creations, from others. You get so many ideas into 1 little card. Thank you for sharing. I have mine in a big binder, as I hate to part with them. THX. for sharing! Happy Holidays, bloggers.