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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Into the Woods We Go...


I bought a trailer/lot in Woodsmoke Ranch, an RV park near Morris, IL in 2018. I got to use it that year and before the 2019 season could  open, COVID crashed down on all our dreams and travels. Now that it's a lot safer, this year's season opened on Memorial Day weekend, and I've been very busy putting my creative mark on my woodland getaway.

I bought a couple plant stands and bamboo potted plants at Goodwill. I also painted the two plastic tables I inherited from a neighbor camper. I picked up three Adirondack chairs from the end of someone's driveway that was soon to be picked up as trash (see them stacked in the background?)

I have also started sealing and painting the back deck, choosing a faded jeans color. It's tedious work, especially as the posts that are cut and shaped. I also inherited two wood benches and a wooden round table. So far I've painted the table and one bench (below). I used a wallpaper container, painted it and filled it with dollar store flowers.

Want to see something unusual? It isn't my work, though. When I opened the trailer this year, it was right after a severe storm and tornado warning. Watch the video below. Have you ever seen a tree swinging in the wind..FROM THE TOP?!!

There's still a lot of maintenance to do. Several of my water colors and paintings are hanging on the walls. I replaced the queen bed with a futon (free from Craig's List).  But there's so much more to do. Hopefully, I'll have the summer to fix it up and I'll keep you updated with photos as I progress...

Keep crafting, peeps!

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