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Friday, August 7, 2009

Two crashes and some cards

The two crashes were NOT by car, plane or train!! Both my home computer and the networked database at work crashed. The home computer is fried, and it would cost more to fix than to buy new. Luckily my hubby backs up all files every other day, but all the extraneous software on my poor dead computer is lost.
At work I was on the phone with the software techs for THREE DAYS working to get all comnputers in two buildings on the same path, using the same database. I had to restore from a July 09 backup, but royally screwed my own office. We now have to reinput every dime our families paid in for tuition, books andf ees for the last two years. And that's after re-inputting all their personal info, as well as two years' worth of attendance, etc. It's been stressful to say the least. So I of course must escape to my craft room, where I leave the world behind for a short time and color, score, cut and paste my designs.
The card above is for the August Rain swap, and will go out as soon as I address the envie. I received the Magnolia stamped image as a RAK, so I had to use her immediately! I am obsessed with the trifold shutter cards (as if you hadn't noticed) so the rain cards this month will all be shutter cards. I took a pic of the "inside" of the card because I love the sentiment!
I also made the butterfly on the front of the card with feathers, an ink pen cap and a black copic.
This card is just slightly different than the one above it, with sentiment and colors. Except that the butterfly was the last of a collection I picked up in a sandwich baggie at my church's rummage sale.


cabio's craft corner said...

It's an awesome card you made and sure the recipent would love it!

Nancy said...

Great job with your card love it! Who ever gets this card will love it I'm sure.

Candy said...

Hi there!
Gosh I am sorry about the mess up with your computers. Such a pain when these things happen!!!

Great - fantastic - cards for all of your 'Rainees' Love how you made the cards they are just delightful. Know all the girls will love them.

Thank goodness for the relaxation of card making!

Hugs, Candy