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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Wilson's Adventures across the Rainbow Bridge, continued 6

One sunny day, Wilson and Papa went to the beach. They were relaxing’ under the sun, wearing matching Speedos. Wilson slurped up a Bark-arita while Papa enjoyed a fruity Mai Tai.

 The sun was very hot. To cool off, Papa rented a surfboard and he and Wilson swam out to catch the next big wave. It was huge! Here they come, Papa hanging ten towards the back while Wilson demonstrates perfect balance, hanging four.

 They only wiped out four times…but who’s counting? 7

Papa finally got his dream – a riding lawnmower. Heaven is filled with lush fields of freshly-cut grass, thanks to Papa. Wilson always sat in front on top of the engine, helping him steer and barking every time they made a turn to mow more grass.

 Taking a break was refreshing for both. While Papa sipped beer and soaked up the sun, Wilson had his very own patch of dandelions to frolic in, spreading their tiny white seeds all over Heaven (more grass to be mown)… 8

Wilson always considered himself the Alpha male. When he decided to take a vacation to the Arctic Circle, he noticed a couple of reindeer while checking out the local wildlife. The reindeer had lost their way back to Santa’s village. Knowing that the fate of Christmas lay in his tiny paws, he strapped on a pair of antlers and led them safely back to the North Pole.

 Santa was so proud of him. He fed him, made sure he was warm and cozy, and happily dropped Wilson off at Heaven’s door. Santa thanked him and assured him that he would be at the top of his Nice List forever! 9

When it comes to food, Wilson was no slouch. He could really pack it in and still want more. He was thrilled to discover the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Buffet.

 When he entered the restaurant, his eyes almost popped out of his head. No wait, no charge, and no limits as to what and how much he could eat. He piled on the pancakes, crunched up bacon, chewed on T-Bone steaks, and swallowed pizza slices whole. By the end of the day, his tummy was swollen as he waddled out of the restaurant with a chicken leg in each paw. 10

Wilson was ready for another road trip. So Papa gassed up his white Cadillac and Wilson sat in the passenger seat, paws against the window, tongue hanging out, trying to bite any car that dared to pass them. They both had their shades on; one of Papa’s CDs was playing and the two of them were jamming along to the Beatles. 

 Papa suddenly took a sharp right and drove a long time. Soon, they were parked next to Abbey Lane. They both got out of the car, stretching their legs before taking a walk (with the Fab Four) across the famous landmark… 11

Wilson was as sneaky as a ferret. He could steal a sandwich right out of your hand without warning. To get out of trouble, he would look at his victim with big, sad puppy eyes and lick the person’s face.

 Actually, he would lick any part of your body if you let him. He just could not control his licker, which led to his being on Heaven’s Most Wanted List. .

 Those big sad puppy eyes work in his favor, though. No one would turn him in. Look at that face. Aww, so cute…

These are only a few of the stories that healed me and my daughter. I hope you enjoyed reading them. 

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