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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Wilson's Adventures across the Rainbow Bridge, Part 1

  It's been 2 months since my daughter and I lost our Silkie Terrier, Wilson. Wilson became a valued member of our family and an emotional support dog when my husband passed away. In order to work through my grief, I began writing mini-stories of Wilson, some of them with my husband, his Papa. I used Photoshop to match some of the photos of them with the stories. Here's a couple of the stories that helped me through the whole his (their) passing created in my heart.


2021 Pat Martin

Ever wonder what your dog is up to now that he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge? As you know, all dogs go to heaven, so although he misses you, he is having an awesome time, doing (and eating) the things he couldn’t here on earth. Here are some of the adventures our dog, Wilson, is doing since crossing the Rainbow Bridge. The following stories are dedicated to him and to his Papa…

One day, Wilson chased down the Weiner Mobile, jumped in and rendered the driver senseless by licking him until he fell out of the truck. Buckling his seat belt, Wilson drove off with his Papa in the navigator’s seat.

 After a nice long ride, they parked and had a picnic, eating all the hotdogs they could until the Angel Police caught up to them. After sharing their hotdogs with the kindly officer, they received a warning to never again steal another vehicle again…

…which foiled their plans to capture an ice cream truck the next time it would drive past them. But a promise is a promise.


 One weekend, Wilson and his Papa went to the carnival. It was so much fun! There were rides and music and games and lots of yummy smells.

 While Papa enjoyed talking to people he knew, Wilson enjoyed all the delicious “leftovers” that children dropped on the ground in their excitement. He especially liked the fallen chunks of Funnel Cake, but he also sniffed out popcorn and pretzels and sometimes a stray bit of hotdog!

 When they got thirsty, Papa enjoyed his soda while Wilson jumped for joy when he was given a Puppaccino. It was the perfect way to end the day together.


It was a slow day and Wilson was bored. He went looking for Papa, and found him in the middle of a card game. He sat in an empty chair and gave everyone at the table sad puppy eyes. He put his paws on the table as if to say, “Deal me in”. The other players couldn’t resist his request and dealt him in. Little did they know he was a card shark, and those innocent eyes fooled all but Papa, who quit playing the first chance he got.

 Good thing, too, because Wilson cleaned all the rest of the players out! And it’s too bad he was only playing for dog treats… 


One sunny day, Wilson and Papa went to the beach. They were relaxing under the sun and wearing matching Speedos. Wilson slurped up a Bark-arita while Papa enjoyed a fruity Mai Tai.

 The sun was very hot. To cool off, Papa rented a surfboard and he and Wilson swam out to catch the next big wave. It was huge! Here they come, Papa hanging ten towards the back while Wilson demonstrates perfect balance, hanging four.

They only wiped out four times…but who’s counting?

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