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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Upcycling Some Metal Wall Hangings

 During my most recent trip to the Salvation Army thrift store, I snagged a set of four metal wall hangings. They called to me, "Pat, you know you want to paint me..." Yes, I did. It was the quickest upcycle project because I knew what I wanted to do and I had ll the supplies at home already. And thanks to COVID and the weather (Chicagoland is being inundated with single digit temps, below zero wind chills and continuous snow), I had the time to craft.

I mixed my own paint colors, printed out the phrases I wanted to use and gave each two coats of varnish because some day the weather will turn nice and I can hang these outside. For now, they are in my windows facing out. At least the letter carrier will see them...

This last one I made for my daughter for Valentine's Day. It features Wilson the wonder dog, our 15 year old blind, deaf rescue dog with mega-esophagus and damaged kidney due to lime disease. Every day with him is a comfort and a joy.
Next up I have a date with a light switch cover and a rainbow palette of paints...
Happy crafting!

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Cazzy said...

Very creative and the transformation is amazing! How are you Pat? Cazzy x