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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Runs in the Family

Time to introduce the other artists in my family! First is Bella, whose keen eye to color has helped her create many a card for daddy while he was away at Boot Camp and MP School. Sometimes (not very often) she is allowed to color with my Copics!!

Below, she altered a plastic container to hold all her crayons. This is her take on crafting in general. btw, she is three years old!
Q:Do you like to scrapbook, or make cards?
A:Yes, Grandma is always hiding in her craft room and I come in and we nmake cards together
Q:What do you like about scrapbooking or cardmaking?
A:I like to glue and color pictures with Grandma’s markers. She makes me use my own cause hers are special.
Q:How much does your GRANDMA scrapbook or make cards?
A:She is always in her craft room. She makes nice things.
Q:What is your favorite color?
Q:What is your favorite scrapbooking or cardmaking supply?
A:I like stickers
Q:What is your best tip for other scrapbookers or cardmakers?
A:Tell your grandma to let you use her special markers (COPICS)

Then there is my daughter, whose art takes on giant proportions sometimes, mostly on her walls (and occasionally on her ceiling, to dad's dismay!)

Here is a photo of her closet walls. Mom wasn't too happty when she learned that those closet doors were colored mostly by patting and wiping the ink from Mom's precious ink pads!!!
Her take on crafting:
Q:Do you like to scrapbook, or make cards?
A:I like to draw and decorate my room.
Q:What do you like about crafting?
A:It gets my creativity out.
Q:How much does your Mom scrapbook or make cards?
A:As much as she can.
Q:What is your favorite color?
Q:What is your favorite crafting supply?
A:My mom’s markers and ink
Q:What is your best tip for other crafters?
A:Don’t be afraid to do something different. Create from your heart.
And there you have it. The acorns don't fall far from the tree, if you ask me. But they better stay out of my Copics!!! LOL
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ladyj said...

How cute!! love the comments--when I went to grandparents day they gave us a project to do and my grandson said "we'll finsh Nona's here cause you have ALL that stuff in your room to finish yours" LOL I told my son that he must thing his other grandmother doesn't own scissors and glue--LOL

Allie Gower said...

Isn't it fun to have a family legacy of creativity? Thanks for sharing.