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Monday, February 22, 2010

Jumbo ATCs

I love ATCs. No matter if they are standard sized or jumbo, they make perfect pieces of art. I can use them as tags, on card fronts, even on my layouts.
I made these Jumbo ATCs (JATCs) for a swap on LuckyBug Yahoo Group. The challenge was to go green, or to recycle something on the card. The flowers used on mine are from my daughter's sheers she used to have in her bedroom. They were made up of long lovely strips of white sheer material, with these flowers sewn on every 6 or so inches.
When we redid her windows, I couldn't bear to give/throw away all those lovely flowers, so I spent one entire evening snipping them off the sheer strips. And people wonder why I often lose sight of my craft table, and can't find an open spot in my craft room. I guess I am a hoarder, but not quite on the same level as those poor people on TV.
And I do try to clean out. I used to name my years each January 1st, like The Year of Living Healthy, The Year of Organization. I gave that up because every year became The Year of Ruthlessness. I try to be ruthless in my cleaning out. Try being the operative word. Here I sit with my computer balancing upon a stack of 12x12 papers, my ScorPal and my paper cutter. There are two envelopes ready to be taken to the P.O., and my trusty tape dispenser, the heavy duty one used for taping boxes shut, lies on its side next to several stamp pads. Hmm, I think it's time again to be ruthless and at least atttempt to clean off my desk. I know it's around here somewhere. Later!

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