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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girlfriend's Birthday card

I won't be able to give my girlfriend this card until Saturday, when i meet her for breakfast before going to work. She only lives two blocks away, but between our jobs and families, we rarely see each other now. I felt tired but not enough to go to sleep, and I knew if I started making cards, my brain would stay awake for hours, so I just sat in my craft room and colored some stamped images. Although this image is leans more toward Thanksgiving, Chrtistmas or an invitation, I thought Sue would get a kick out of Bella. Sue does not cook, nor does she eat meat! But she will love this card for its play on her talents and passions. Do you like the flower eyelet? It's one of those setter-less eyelets,. You use a pencil to set it-it was very easy to use, and looks great on this card. It's called a QuickLet and it's put out by Eyelet Outlet.
For the sentiment inside, I used a new stamp I bought from Archiver's. Love this, and Sue is always counting calories!!
Hopefully, if you like this card, you will forgive me for the previous card. Oh, my, it looks like I lobbed my pumpkin into the sea, and it sank down to the sandy bottom! Darn that patterned paper. And the ribbon almost looks like seaweed! Oh, well, live and learn.
Besides this card, I made 13 ATC Christmas cards for my co-workers. I made them last year and they were a hit, so of course I need to keep up my standards! Haha! But in doing these cards, I have now SURPASSED MY HANDMADES 2009 GOAL. Whoopee, bells ring, champagne cork popping! All I need now is some time to scrap a couple more pages and I will feel that 2009 was a prosperous year. You can too, since I will offer up some nice Blog Candy when I reach my goal. I haev a crop in December, so unless a miracle happens and I get some much-needed time off, my goal will have to wait until then!

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Cindy Groh said...

Fabulous card. I love it:)