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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy Halloween Weekend

We took our granddaughter to the church for a Halloween Party. She was the cutest LadyBug present (of course, she was the only ladybug present). Here she is deciding if green is a good color for frosting.
I have been shackled with an air boot since my last foot doctor's appt. Eight more days and it's gone, but meantime I haven't been driving, and forget the stairs! Today I had to wash the inner boot. Since I can't stand or walk without it, my son ended up laundering it. I was stranded on the living room couch amid my computer, some Tilda images, my Copics and a couple boxes of Christmas cards I had bought two years ago on clearance.
The good news is that I have signed and addressed most of the cards I'll be sending out this year. The bad news is that they are not handmade by me. I couldn't attempt to make the cute cards I bought for pennies. They are pop-ups, beautiful ones, and four different designs. I hadn't sent out Christmas cards last year because the time got away from me, but here I am, November 1st, and they are waiting on stamps and a trip to the P.O.
Hopefully this is an omen of my newly-organized life. Keep your fingers crossed.

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