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Friday, January 9, 2009

More First Year pages

I remember our camera was on the fritz in January and I deleted more than half the photos I had taken of Bella. So my stock was low, which forced me to do what I still have a difficult time doing--putting very few pics on one page. At least it gave me plenty of room to journal.
You won't find much more "white space" than what this page offers. I truly have a problem with leaving a page with any open spaces.

Here's my lovebug in February, starting to show off her personality!
I've often cut my photos with a "frame" around it, using part of the white photo paper to frame it. But I still like to mat it with another layer of cardstock.

My plans for the weekend got cancelled. I was supposed to have another family over for dinner to celebrate the New Year, but she cancelled for the second time. That just means more time for me to scrap and craft!!

I finished this layout with another five pages, making my New Year's goal of making 365 new things in 2009 even closer. 14 down, 351 to go. I'm in a few swaps, so that will help me reach my goal, too.

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