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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Serene Scenes in Acrylics

 Back from a weekend up in the woods, and a successful craft fair. I created several acrylic paintings on canvas, wood, metal and even hard-bound journals. Today I've featured one of my wood paintings. I really like how it turned out, and decided that I wouldn't try to sell it at the craft fair. It's hanging in my living room as I type. 

I painted on a leftover piece of plywood about 10"x12", not too heavy, so it can hang on the wall without anchors. I love a good moon scene, so I started with a dark background, adding mountains, a lake, and a few trees. Of course, my moon is up in the sky, and its light brings out the highlights on the mountains, water and trees. Funny thing - the clouds were "happy little accidents" that I created from a few errant drops of white paint. I put the Velcro strips on the backs of canvases that have a smooth back for easy hanging.

Below is a painting I created with "the whole shebang". That means I painted mountains, a lake and a tree! LOL 

I am improving on my scenic canvases, and will soon start on desert sunsets. I took a gazillion photos while in Arizona visiting my sister-in-law and her wife. We visited Sedona, Tortilla Flats , Scottsdale and Flagstaff. We were supposed to go to the Grand Canyon, but had to cancel as one of my hosts became sick. We found out after we came home that they both tested positive for Omicron. Both my daughter and I tested, and while she was positive, I never got it, which is a miracle in itself given that I spent all week with her and our hosts...

That's all for now.  Catch you later...

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