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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Time to Change Out my Front Porch Decor


I decided that today was the day I would update my front porch by creating a Spring wreath. On my door I still had the Valentine metal hanger I had upcycled earlier in the year. So I brought out my thrifted wreath ($1.99 @ Goodwill), some flowers ($2 @ Dollar Tree), aqua-colored mesh from previous projects, a wooden banner off of a different wreath and the birdhouse I snagged a couple weeks ago ($2.99 @ Salvation Army). I would say that with half the things I buy at Thrift stores I have a specific project in mind. This was the case with the birdhouse, notwithstanding the aqua color, of which my front porch has a lot of!!

An hour and three glue sticks (for my glue gun) later, I hung this wreath on my door. I spray painted the sign aqua and added white glittery letters to spell welcome and cut some twine for hanging.  

That's all for today. Happy crafting!!

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R's Rue said...

Beautiful. 🥰