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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Sprucing Up my Front Porch, DIY Style

I was recently gifted with a box of spray paint. Usually I stick with colors like black,  gold and white, but I suddenly had a rainbow of colors with which to play..and play I did. I'd always wanted to decorate or "stage" the front of my house, but before the VA rehabbed the house for my hubby's disabilities,we had a four-step cement stoop with iron railings and bushy bushes, the kind that needs a team of landscapers to get rid of.
But now I have a front porch that runs from one side of the house to the other, and a ramp the same length in front of it. So I started with my mailbox. I had 2 cans of teal/aqua spray paint, colors that complemented the yellow brick of my house. I added some sparkle with gold paint, giving iy=t a monogram.
Once I rehung the mailbox, the white oval address  sign looked out of place, so it got a new coat of color, with the house numbers highlighted in gold as well. I still need to purchase a new light fixture.
Then it was onto the welcome mat. It once looked so bright ad colorful, and I decided to  use acrylic paints  to refresh the colors rather than buying a new onw.
All of that is to the right (and in front of) my front door. Time to put something on the other side to balance things. I had a large metal urn that I had poured the fluid acrylic paint mix leftover from a previous painting session. I gathered what sticks and flowers, etc. I had stored in the garage and basement and came up with a nice arrangement.
 That left the "wall" space above the arrangement, on which I hung a metal art piece I again spray-painted to keep the colors in complement.
I'd say my front porch is looking very summery,  wouldn't you? Here's the final photo of the whole setting.
I'm the kind of girl who wants to eat her cake AND frosting, so as a bonus, I attacked, I mean painted, the gas lamp near the sidewalk. Bonus!!
I think I'll tackle the back deck next, but not until the week of muggy, 90+ degree temps is over. I have plenty to do inside the house...
Happy crafting and DIY'g, peeps. Have fun and stay healthy!

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