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Friday, December 7, 2018

It's Day 7 of the Reindeer Games at Scribbles Designs

A long time ago, when Norse gods ruled the universe, Thor, god of sky and thunder, was said to ride a chariot pulled by two giant magical goats. But few people know that before he had goats there was just one magical beast - a mighty reindeer, named after his master. At that time, Thor was called Donar by the Germanic people. Thor and his namesake would thunder across the skies, lighting up the night and bringing order throughout the universe.
One winter night, Thor and Donar came upon a man resting beside a fire in the woods, a large cumbersome sack at his side. The man seemed to have no fear of the god and his beast and welcomed them to join him. He told them he took frequent stops on his travels, bringing gifts to children throughout the land. As he and Thor talked, Donar lay his head down on the man's lap. 
Thor was astounded,as Donar was friendly to no normal being. Recognizing this man as an equal, he decided to gift him with his longtime friend. The gentleman laughed deeply and thanked Thor for such a mighty gift. It would shorten his work very much.
The man drew a bright red cloak over him and hitched the reindeer up to a sled he had parked behind an outcropping. Renaming him Donner, Santa took hold of the reins and waved farewell to Thor. That night his journey went so smoothly that he looked for more flying reindeer to pull his sled, and so Christmas has gone smoothly ever since thanks to the Norse god and Donner.

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas celebration, where we at Scribbles Designs are Raising the Hoof with a new release every day from December 1 through the 12th. I was lucky to play with the infamous Donner, which can be found HERE. The celebration includes holiday inspiration, games and prizes. To find out how you can be a part of this, point your sled to Scribbles Designs Challenge Blog and get ready for the ride of your life!!
Challenges I am Entering:
Animal Friends - Anything w/an animal Goes
Crafty ANimals - Anything w/an animal Goes

Happy crafting!!


Dreja said...

Sehr schön gemacht.
Dankeschön für die Teilnahme bei den Animal Friends.
LG Dreja

Kuni said...

This is so wonderful and cute.
Thank you for joining us at the Animal Friends.