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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Riddle Me This...

How does a person RELAX yet WORK UP A SWEAT while doing so?
Why, just go out and GARDEN!!
This year I finally got my garden. Earlier this week I dug out the grass up against the garage and dumped a huge (smelly) amount of compost on the area. Then I tried to border it with this white lattice that was left over from our home construction last year. As you can see, it is NOT working. The first big rain and my garden will be up against the neighbor's fence.
Today, I bought my tomato plants. I planted Sweet Cherry tomatoes, Beefsteaks, Romas, Salsa Hybrids, Early Girls, Best Boys and a couple mystery plants (they had no labels). Next year I will purchase according to which ones grow best this year. (Does this mean that if my favorites are the mystery tomatoes that I should buy those with no labels? Hmm...)
What is it about gardening that is so relaxing? Is it feeling the dirt in your hands? No, I wore rubberized gloves - I'm not touching that manure-laden compost). Maybe it's knowing that one is growing one's own food. It's certainly NOT saving money by doing so. I spent a ton on the compost, the plants, and now the wood that will replace the cheap lattice.
No, I think it's just the mindfulness of the work. The digging, the pulling, the weeding, the watering, the sweating, the harvesting, the being in the sunshine and counting the buds on each plant. If I weren't so allergic to most flowers, my whole yard would be a garden. But I will be very satisfied to grow my own tomatoes this year. If all goes well, I may branch out to strawberries next summer...


ike said...

Ooooh - how excellent. I hope your tomatoes all do well. I can imagine some Strawbs next year and maybe a few salad veggies scattered in between things ?? :-D It's too darn hot here to grow things like this. I did try the year before last and got 3 of the teeniest toms you have ever seen. Takes far to much watering to get something half decent and I forget to do it !!! :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi Grandma!!!! This is Bella! I am starting my own blog on Blogger!! Love you!