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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Welcome Halloween!

I am loving this holiday this year!!  I can't find enough time to create all the wonderful ideas brewing in my head.  Here's a little Welcome sign I made using something from the Dollar Store.

The black wooden box originally held sand and a rake, and sold as a "Zen Garden."  After almost a year of the granddaughter playing with it and getting sand all over the table and floor, I threw out the sand and tiny rocks and sea shells I had added to it, and was about to throw away the box and thought, "wait a minute, this would be perfect for..."

So I added a patterned paper background and bent (and snapped) a Dollar store skeleton to his present seated state, keeping him in pace with hot glue (the woman's duct tape).  Some moss on the bottom and I was ready to embellish.

After placing a skull under (I have no shame when it comes to skeletons) my sitting skellie's knee, I thought of my young grandchildren and decided to "cute-ify" my welcome sign just a tad.  By adding the smiling pumpkins, ghost and white flower, the spider hiding in the moss who spun her web around the skeleton was taken down a notch on the scare-o-meter.

I'm not quite satisfied with the actual sentiment WELCOME, as it doesn't show up well.  What do you think, black Stickles??  Maybe some thin black outlining around each letter??  Help me out here, crafting peeps!!

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Linda W. said...

Definitely some bold black shiny letters! Love your idea and are so creative sis!