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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good for the Soul

I love waking up to a new day, especially one in which you have kissed an addiction goodbye and can open your eyes in relaxation and the knowledge that it no longer controls you.  I'm talking games here, people, namely Cafe World on Facebook.  I was only playing the game for two weeks, but had obsessed so much during that short time that I advanced 42 levels, hired two waitresses, expanded my cafe three times, cooked four hundred entrees and had no life and little sleep, knowing there were customers to serve, goals to reach and food to cook.  I was a maniac at that game, and once befi=ore had tried to quit, but got sucked up into its cuteness, its cartoonish appal.  Are subliminals legal, cause I swear it used them to keep you playing???
Anyway, my life is my own now, although I will miss the friends I made playing the game, but now that I think of it, the only reason you make, confirm and invite them to be friends and neighbors is get attain more levels, get more parts, free meals and advance IN THE GAME!  Yeesh!!
So, what have I done with my newfound freedom?  On Sunday last weeknd, when I declared my liberation from my addiction, I cleaned house, stopped off at the farmer's market, did laundry, chaffered my daughter around, AND finished my vacation layout from our recent family trip to Wisconsin Dells!! That's eight pages of scrapping in one day.  When you think of the MONTHS I have not scrapped, it is a minor miracle!

I had a paper stack from Gartner Papers in a travel theme that I used for my base, embellishing with stickers, diecuts, jewels, etc as needed.

 There were 106 photos that I had to weed through to get the ones that I wanted to use as the focus of our trip. 

 I used postcards and attraction ads and the Dells Vacation Guide book to journal, along with my handwritten notes.

I really miss going to those 12 hour scrops that my friend Heidi used to hostess.  I wish they were offered to me again, but at least I have got back into scrapping, along with my card making.

The lesson here, people, is to choose your hobbies wisely, and don't let them control you.  A hobby that is creative, educational and useful helps a great deal, too!

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