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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a Visit from Three Spirits

So after I whined on my blog, I spent the last hour and a half of the day scrapping another eight pages in my 24 Days before Christmas album. I felt better, and went to bed, well, not with sugar plums dancing in my head, but feeling more of the Christmas spirit.
Yesterday, I breught down some of my Christmas boxes from the attic and went on a decorating rampage, so the house looks at least respectable.

And today, after coming home from my office Christmas dinner at Appleby's (our tab, not the church's), I finished the Christmas tree. If I do say so myself, it looks beautiful (and about time too).

Although I have to work tomorrow, I have 12/24 off so I can lock myself in my craft room and wrap presents. The turkey is thawing, the kids are cleaning the house (a miracle in itself), and I'm done shopping. I'm on my 4th day of Weight Watchers (does dinner at Appleby count? not right now) and I have crafting goals for 2010. Life is looking much better.

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