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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vacation pages from siesta Key, FL

I love to use memorabilia like pictures and words from brochures, postcards, tickets, etc. On this first page I used a picture from the condo assn. brochure that was an ariael view of the condo with the beach at the bottom. The picture of the condo unit wasn't the greatest, so I covered it up with a postcard of the Key. Nice thing about postcards, you can journal on the backs. I made my own hinge and attached the postcard to cardstock, so there is journaling AND more photos underneath the postcard.
We went to Chili's one night for supper and I asked the manager if I could take the table menu of alcoholic drinks home with me. I cut out the margaritas and made myself a lip-smacking border at tyhe bottom of the page.

I went out of the box with this layout by journaling text onto the photos digitally. I even have Wendy with a dialogue bubble above her head in one shot! To match up with the previous page, I made a border with the green cardstock from the postcard mat on the first page, cutting the waves with a fiskars scissors. I decorated my border with a whole package of flipflop 3D stickers.

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Christine said...

Hi Pat. Your scrapbook pages are so much fun. Love your border made from the drink menu. Great idea. I just had to comment because you are talking about my home town. I spent many a good times on Siesta Key beach growing up and as an adult. So glad you had fun!
xoxo, Christine