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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Diary of an Artist

Some people call it an art journal, others a smash book.  To me, it's a diary of an artist.  It contains poetry, feelings, memories and discoveries.  It uses a lot of experimentation, creativity and time.  It causes smiles, laughter, nostalgia, surprise, tears and freedom.
I'd like to share my first page with my friends.  I call it my "Inner Eye".  I started with the paper, embellishing it with Copic marker, paint and a googly eye.  I love Piet Hein's poem about life's ultimate question.  To put a personal stamp on the poem, I placed my painted handprint onto the page and printed the poem onto it.  It reads, "I'd like to know what this whole show is all about before it's out."  Another googly eye gives it a searching feel, don't you think?
My bit of self-discovery came about when I colored and added the dancer.  Me?   I am a great dancer--in my chair.  Rarely do I get up onto the dance floor-let's face it, I have two left feet!!  And I didn't color her in modest shades, but brilliant colors, and many of them.  The ultimate clue to my secret dancer came when I added the feathers and I thought to myself, "There I am!"  Who would have thought?!
I finished off the page with some doodling in black and white, and had to add a bit of bling with a few scattered sequins.
I don't know yet if I'll post the rest of my pages.  After all, it is my diary of sorts.  But I urge everyone out there to let your creativity flow onto your own diary.  You never know what you might discover!


nwilliams6 said...

I have wanted to start one of these for awhile so I am proud of you. Wonderful feel to this first page - very deep and very cool. Very fun to this glimpe into your inner self - thanks for sharing. Love the paint hand that self-portrait but the eye is my fav. Hugz!

Gloria Blenkhorn said...

nice page Pat. So unique.

Linda W. said...

OMGoodness I see what you were telling me about today Pat! How cool is that! Yepper, I need to start over somewhere - feeling stagnant - time to start my own art journal! Thank you for all dear!