Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Challenge at Squigglefly

I had a smidgen of time yesterday so I created another card using a fabulous August new-release digi image from artist James Horvath. The image is  fun and it's called Female Explorer.
I created it with this week's Squigglefly challenge theme of NO SQUARE CORNERS. My card is round the sentiment is round, and everyone knows that the world is round, so my project will fit right in!!
If you have some time to craft, try round or rounded corners and use a Squigglefly image to play in this week's challenge. What?!! Don't have any Squigglefly images. Here's a few FREEBIES that they offer at their STORE.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Time Flies When you're Crafting

Time flies when you're having fun, like water coloring or crafting or spending time with the grandkids. I've had a broke-down clock for months, and was waiting for inspiration to strike. Well, it did over the weekend, and here's my finished project.
I took off the glass cover and removed the hands and broken guts, then used a newly-released digi image from Squigglefly. It's called Angel & Birdie by the ever-talented artist Sandra Caldwell. After coloring the image with my trusty Copics, I fussy-cut my angel and adhered it to the clock face. The sentiment went on next, and then I threw on jeweled flowers. I sprayed a protective sealant on it and it's now hanging in my kitchen.
There are some awesome digital images released this month at the Squigglefly store. The challenge blog, whose challenge this week is to "round those corners," offers up plenty of inspiration to crafters, and the chance to win free digis when you link your own "rounded project using a Squigglefly image.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Exploring the World of Digital Scrapbooking

I am slowly but surely discovering what my Photoshop Elements 12 can do for me. I just finished my very first all digital layout. Yes, it's primitive. But this time last week I could not even put two photos together to make one, so it is an improvement.
The patterned paper is from a prize package I won from "Touched by a Butterfly". I had almost lost any hope of ever being able to use it, and all the wonderful items I received as prizes! My inspiration came from Anne Geddes, of course. Her photography with babies and things of nature always made me smile.
So I decided to let each of my grandchildren bloom in one of the pretty blossoms on my page. I have some beautiful grandkids!!
Thanks to my daughter-in-law, I continue to learn how to manipulate photos and play with digital elements. I look forward to discovering more and more fun things to do here in digi-land!! Whee, here I go...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Ocean Calls Me

Internet was down earlier today, so I managed to get some time in with my water colors. I picked up a couple seashells a long time ago while I was vacationing in the Florida Keys. For inspiration, I placed one of my shells on the table and, well, I hope it looks like a shell to you!! LOL
I am still learning what I can do with water colors, and today I learned to put a very small amount of paint into the water when I wet my paper. Not only does it show me where the paper is wet and the paint will spread, but it also gives me a shaded background so that when I finish my focal point, it's not sitting in the middle of a white background. I've found it very difficult to add a background after I paint something.
I also learned that I can turn my paper to pull color in the direction I want it to go. I was having trouble with giving dimension between the front and back of the shell (still am). I had better luck when I rotated my paper 180 degrees.
Again, what I created can pass for a shell, but is in no way perfect or even great. But my art is an educational journey, one I want to share with my fellow artists. I am determined to keep stretching my creativity, opening myself up to more inspiration and more creative outlets. When I first started playing with water colors, I could only paint backgrounds (and some of them had to be "edited"). But as I kept at it, I experimented, I took out library books, I bought better paper, better paints, watched YouTube videos.
I was determined to figure out why paint moves the way it does with water, how I could get more dimension in my work. I thought about taking a class or two.
Now I'm thinking of just continuing on my own. All because I was determined to make water colors one of my "techniques" in my little corner of creativity. And I am happy I kept on.
What are you determined to learn, to discover, to conquer?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finally, Time to Scrapbook

I finally got time to scrapbook, and got some photos printed as well! I made two pages of our recent adventures at Great America. My sister's company has their annual picnic once a summer there, and Wendy & I met up with her to enjoy a day of rides, sunshine and a buffet lunch.
I made a journal box from a leftover frame from a kit, part of an index card and words from the amusement park brochure that named all the "lands" to discover.
We had our photo taken on a water ride, and famous celebrities posed with us along our journey!
Of course, I'm never one to pass up a photo opp, and we were treated like royalty during our day. Since we ate the Funnel Cake faster than I could photograph it, I had to cut a picture out of same brochure. After all, that's the biggest reason we all went there in the first place!

Later in the day we relaxed on the carousel (several times). More journaling completes my layout and I am very happy with two pages in August. Normally I wait until I go to an all-day crop, but I had the time (snuck into the craft room and locked myself in), so am very proud to say I scrapped our day together within the same month we went!

Hope you get the opportunity to do a little crafting yourselves. Until next time, happy crafting!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weird Animals and Some Faith-filled Fun

Thanks to many crafty volunteers, discounts and clearanced items, generous crafters and parishioners and a boss who let me have my way with the event, Weird Animals vacation bible school was a huge success. Fifty-seven kids walked into a transformed Parish Center. We offered an ocean habitat on two of the walls, where starfish rested with turtles and whales swam with fish. Jellyfish floated among the coral-scapes in the windows, and our Tadpole Territory (Kindergarteners) were smack dab in the middle of it all.
On the other two walls, kids walked around in a rainforest, complete with monkeys, owls, hedgehogs and (very friendly) snakes.
In One-of-a-Kind Bible Adventures, kids walked into a middle eastern dessert oasis, where they walked among those who walked among Jesus.
In the swamp (yes, it was very boggy-looking with lots of frogs croaking) kids watched video clips of children around the world who were different in their situations, but just like them in their faith lives.
And of course, Critter Cafe offered them yummy snacks that brought the Bible point of each day home to them.
It was an amazing week--a lot of hard work, time, planning, shopping, reworking, and SINGING, DID I MENTION THE SINGING?!
I think it will take me weeks to get those catchy tunes out of my head. But the best part of it all is that the kids loved it. One mom emailed me afterward to tell me her daughter wanted her to sign her up for next summer's VBS!!

I can't thank all the volunteers for all the extra time and help with the week. I hope that they too enjoyed their experiences as much as I did!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Identity Crisis

Had some time to play in my art journal today so I thought I'd share my page. Growing up I always heard comments like "You have your mother's eyes" or "you have your father's chin."
I got to thinking, if most of me is someone else, then who am I? Which then inspired me to create some art on that exact theme.
I decided to run with a collage page, because my sketching skills are sadly lacking.
I used Tim Holtz Distress paint dabbers for the background and edges, adhered my magazine pieces, drew a chin and wrote the words.
I've been itching to get back to my art journal and am happy to finally have the time. Now maybe I'll pull out my water colors and create something along that line. Whoop, whoop--today's going to be a great day!