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Friday, January 27, 2023

Painting my Thrift Finds


when I go to a thrift store, I try to be open-minded. I don't were bought on separate visits to the store. The dog is a resin figure that kind  of looked like our first dog, Wilson. He was a Silkie Terrier rescue. The shape and face were right, but the colors were way off!

So I took out my trusty acrylics and was able to get a pretty good likeness of Wilson. What do you think?

Okay, on to my bobble head kitten. I bought a pair of unpainted clay cats and recently had a paint date with my niece, Reagan. I wish I got a photo of hers (I think it's cuter than mine).  My kitty is so happy, sitting on the shelf with Wilson. Of course, I'm referring to my painted thrift finds. I am highly allergic to cats and have been known to get an allergy attack just by sitting next to a cat owner for a bit of time!

What's on my craft table for next time? I have some tins with handles (used to hold Lemon Drops). I'm planning on a short road trip in a couple months for my sister's birthday. My other sister (just the three of us girls, no boys) is flying in from Germany, where she lives with her husband. 
I want to decorate the tins as if they were our luggage, adding a little rhyme to the birthday girl to hint at what we've secretly planned for her. 

Right now I am in the throes of cleaning out, organizing and labeling my craft supplies. My "craft room" is the basement. It is filled to overflowing with items and furniture from cleaning out my gram's and my mom's houses (both finally sold last year).
Cleaning out the basement is an OVERWHELMING task, but I've broken it down to small daily tasks. I cut them into strips and every day I pull one out and try to accomplish that one task. Sometimes I finish it and continue to clean out and purge. I'm getting there, slowly but surely, without freaking myself out. It is like a storage unit down there!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Back to Canvases Today


When I saw this paint technique n Pinterest, I knew I had to try it. It uses my fave colors, and was something I had the brush and paint for. After painting a green-blue background, I dropped smears of different shades of green and blue (as well as white and yellow) with a palette knife. The came the fun part--using my brush to create swirls, picking up the different colors as I turned my brush. I wish you could see the subtle lines that make up the swirls, but I had to take photos with my phone.

I made such a mess of paint around my canvas that I had to open another canvas and create a second one. I used more white in the second canvas, but I like the swirls better than my first. They make a good pairing, and I already have it hanging in my hallway. I wonder if my daughter will notice the artwork when she comes home from work...

I wonder what kind of art will tempt me net time...

Monday, January 23, 2023

Look at That! I Made a Card!


After several months of having "card block" I finally created a happy winter card using a freebie image from Scribbles Designs. It's called Penguin Pals #264 and can be found on the Scribbles Challenge Blog, where the newest challenge is to feature at least one penguin on your project.

I loved the image so much, I printed it several times, flipping it around and even changing the size slightly. Then I had to use multiple colors for my pals, whether they were realistic or not. You'll even find a few of them inside my card, which is a pop-up.

I am so happy that Sandy, the SD designer, and the DT team, inspired me to create a card after all this time!

Friday, January 20, 2023

Impatient for Spring

I used to hate anything to do with flowers in crafting. I'm allergic to real flowers, and I used to say that my allergies included fake flowers, coloring flowers, the whole shebang. But somehow the "flowers" started to grow on me sorry, (couldn't help the pun). Since I'm more comfortable with using images and flowers in my crafts, I've created wreaths, painted  watercolors and painted pots and filled them.

This is one of my newest projects. I received some garden-themed stencils and thought an old clay pot would be perfect to try them out. First, I painted the pot black, a nice glossy black. Then I used a stipple brush and decorated the rim and the front and back with chalk paint. I have to say that the stencils I used were pretty easy to keep in place while dabbing. They are made by Folk Art.

I already had the flowers in my stash downstairs (which I must clean out and minimize).I don't know how good I am at arranging the flowers, but they look nice in the corner of my kitchen, so I'm happy and I don't care if it is the middle of winter...! 

Merging Doodling with Drawing (Zen squared)

 Today I tried my hand at drawing cute Kawaii animal  bodies to match the faces I found on Pinterest offered by FreePick. According to one artist on YouTube, "anyone can draw, they just need to PRACTICE, A LOT"

So I cut out these cute animal heads, and tried to give them cute little bodies. Some were cute, some okay, some awful. They're all here on my post. And to really make my art journal pages count, I pulled out my inner Zen and doodled around them, filling the pages. Then I shaded with a black colored pencil.

I've also printed funny and/or positive quotes from Pinterest, adhered them to my journal pages, and let the words inspire my doodling. I call these pages Zen squared, which in math terms means Zen doubled.

Do you have an art journal yet? It's very addicting. You can start with cutting pics and words out from magazines, creating scenes or collages, and from there the sky is the limit (really, try drawing clouds around your cut-out pics). 

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Art Journals are Fun


I never had a journal specifically for my art, which is weird, because I am a journal junkie. I have a gratitude journal, self-discovery journal, travel journal (the list goes on, including a journal of lists)...

Now that I started a truly ART journal, I am exploring more techniques and ways to expand my creativity. Like the Zen Doodling I started,  I have been practicing my drawing ability. Above is one of my first pages of pencil drawings (after I erased the pencil lines and went over them with pen). I call it When Flowers Dance.

I was inspired by Elle magazine and my friend, Renita. She delivers my mail and packages and has been my Muse when it comes to art and losing weight. 

Shout out to all postal workers! Since we all seem to have given up writing letters and sending holiday cards, not only has US postage increased, but letter carriers are given larger routes and having to work until the evenings delivering mail, also due to a decrease in employees through layoffs and retirements.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Who Uses Coasters Nowadays?!

 I don't care! I found a set of wood slice coasters at a garage sale last summer. It was 50 cents!! Living by my new motto, "I'll paint anything that doesn't move", I tried to match each shape of wood slice to a fruit or vegetable. After painting my pineapple, pumpkin, avocado, coconut, watermelon, apple and strawberry, I added a Gloss varnish to preserve them from drippy drinks. I also cut felt into the shapes and glued them onto the backs of my produce project.

A while back, I did the same thing to a wooden spoon & fork set. I painted their tops  as pineapples with goofy faces. Yesterday the city came by and cut down a tree on my  neighbor's parkway (the grassy part between the sidewalk and the street). I was itching to get my  hands on some wood slices, and I did! I gave the crew a Dunkin Donuts gift card as a thank you for taking the time to do the cutting. It was enough to get them each a coffee. According to my daughter and sister, I am not allowed to use a chain saw...