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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Surprise for a Very Good Friend

It took special planning, but I pulled off a surprise for a very good friend, one with whom I have shared spiritual and health issues, prayers, and the ability to vent (on both sides) -- and whom I have never met face-to-face!
I am talking about Linda, owner and mod on Your Scrapbook Place Yahoo Group and soul sister.
When she mentioned that her sis-in-law had passed away and the services were in Dodgeville, I Googled the town, made arrangements, and FB'd  her daughter, Becky, to let her know my plans and to keep it secret from her mom.
Here we are (above) together in the gazebo part of her green house (I would liken it to a lighthouse tower).  Bill and I were very impressed with the house and its energy-saving, energy-efficient, home.  Verdon took Bill out to the shed to show him his "toys", while I toured Linda's craft room and. as you can see below, made friends with Nikko.
Although it was a sad event that finally got us together, we put a positive spin on the day by meeting and talking and having the best visit ever.  Thanks to Becky who kept the secret so well, we almost didn't get to meet, as Linda was thinking of skipping the funeral), and to Shelley, both of whom we met at breakfast, discovering we were staying at the same hotel!!  Great seeing both of you, and so sorry for your loss.


Gloria Blenkhorn said...

What a wonderful event. It must have been exciting to meet up and share your interest's. What a sweet day for you and your friend. Smiles, Jean

Holly said...

How great! What a wonderful day it sounds like ya'll had!

SuzQ said...

What a neat thing you did! that was wonderful and I sounds like you guys had a great time!