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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sing Your Own Song

Thought I would try another mixed media canvas art.  This is a 6x6 on which I used patterned paper from the Recollections line called Bird Page Glitter, some acrylic paint, CTMH stamps, and chipboard letters.

I added a chipboard bird to bring home the message, along with some musical notes, jewels, trim and a feather.

I am still finding my way through this world of mixed media.  The first time I photographed my canvas for my blog, I noticed a decided lack of color and that the phrase "Sing Your Own Song" was lost on the canvas.

So, I took my "finished" piece of art and tweaked it, giving it a little more color and pulling the letters out toward the eye.  There was no red in my first attempt, and I think that color helps my piece.  I still think the letters are too big for this work, but I can't alter that--they are stuck on there for good and all!

But I say, live and learn.  Art is a process, just like life, and you take from it what you can, and you give to it what you are able, and in the end there is a balance of sorts.  Hope your day, as well as your art, brings balance to you, too!  Happy crafting!

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Gloria Blenkhorn said...

you are singing your own song!! Nice piece.