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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mom's 80th Birthday Party-palooza!

This year my mo turns 80!  Actually at the end of this week! Now some people would want a big party with lots of friends and family, balloons, decorations, presents, cake.  But at 80, sometimes it's nicer to run away from home, and that's what my mo and sisters and I are doing this weekend--running away!
But presents and surprises will abound, and I have been super busy making toppers for a number of goodie bags filled with favorite treats.  Each baggie will have 80 pieces of each item, like caramel popcorn, m&m's, pistacchios, etc.

Most of the toppers showcase HouseMouse images, but there are a couple other stamp companies used as well.  My sisters and I have probably 20 bags of goodies, all filled with 80 pieces of something, and I'll be stapling them all to the toppers in the car ride up to Port Washington this weekend.

There's a new Micro Brewery/restaurant there and we'll have the birthday dinner and then whip out the gigantic gift bag filled with these fun creations.  Oh, and cake, too! LOL

So, my lesson today, crafters, is to try something new!  You never know when inspiration will hit, and you need to be ready to grab it by the horns and ride it into the sunset!!
Have fun!!

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Sandra said...

This is so nice of you to do for your Mom... Hope your getaway was fun.
I miss my mother so much ! Enjoy each and every moment you can with her.