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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Paint Chip Inspiration

I have a very messy desk today, so I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't pull anything out of, well, anywhere, without using what's already on my desk. So what did I find first but four large paint chips. I decided to keep them as strips and make the card above. Bim, bam boom. I was done and had leftover strips so I made the bookmarks below.
 I used a punch for the butterfly topper, and I used the tiny butterflies that were punched out to mismatch each bookmark. The stamp is from a Stampin Up set. The projects took less than ten minutes in all!
What can you use with paint chips? If you don't have any, I believe all the sales people are helping other customers in the garden center, so now's your chance to grab a few (handfuls)!
And as always, crafters, have fun!

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Holly Young said...

Very cute! Yay for you using up scraps, cleaning out, AND making two cards!